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Paul Long

Maximize fulfillment, Change Perspective and Manifest More of “What’s GOOD!”

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The new currency in company culture is FULFILLMENT. But how can you help your people create more of this capital, which is so subjective and elusive? The answer is“Fundamism." Created by Author and Transformative Speaker on Employee Engagement & Fulfillment Paul Long. Paul shares how Fundamism and his FUNdamentals provide a roadmap to helping leaders and teams maximize fulfillment, change perspective and manifest more of What’s GOOD as opposed to what isn’t.

For anyone who has not had the opportunity to meet, work, learn from or simply listen to Paul, you are in for a treat! Paul's positivity and energy is infectious. He takes my favorite angle on how to succeed in work and life --which is to have F.U.N. no matter what. Don't we all need strategies to lower stress and make us better people? Paul has an uncanny ability to inspire those around him and will undoubtedly help you and your team improve in some way!

Noreen, VP - Oncology, McKesson

I had the opportunity to hear Paul speak at our grocers event during the summer. I knew he would be just what we needed for our large group store manager meeting! Paul had everyone in the room, all 300 plus on their feet and embracing the moment in the first ten minutes! This wasn't some motivational talk that would last for half of the ride home later that day, it was opening up our minds to the experience of what we wanted our employees and customers to feel each day. Simply said, Paul's Fundamism is contagious!

Reynolds Kramer, President & CEO - Fareway Stores, Inc.

Paul was our keynote speaker for our luncheon meeting for the Apartment Association of Kansas City this past July. What an inspiration. He was so engaging with our audience and made everyone feel so at home with his talk. Had you laughing, in tears and leaving with a different outlook on life. I have been working in the apartment industry for over 30 years and have to say, Paul is one of the top speakers we've had. Would highly recommend him for your company or association.

Debbie, Associate Executive - Apartment Association of Kansas City

There are a lot of buzz words out there when it comes to personal growth and branding, but authentic is at Paul's core. In fact if you listen to him, his passion and his story- you will see that being his authentic self is what brought Paul to public speaking. I've worked with a lot of speakers over the years and as I listen to Paul I realize he has so much to teach me not only about the art of delivering a message, but being a damn good human. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do not let the opportunity pass you by. He will have your audience in tears one minute and standing strong the next.

Carissa Rouse, Senior Marketing Manager - McKesson

Paul is one of the best public speakers I have had the opportunity to observe, and I would recommend anyone in the corporate world to take advantage of his talents to better production and increase their bottom line.

Jonathan Burnos, Customer Success Manager - iModules Software

I have worked with several trainers and motivational speakers over the years. Paul Long is top notch. He is energetic, friendly, and truly connects with the attendees at several levels, which really impacts his effectiveness. I highly recommend Paul to anyone in the corporate world that desires to improve their staff's attitude and productivity.

John Bieberitz, Owner - Traffic Analysis & Design, Inc
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