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Ninive Calegari

Ninive Calegari Teacher, Teacher Salary, education, documentary, Harvard Ninive Calegari Teacher, Teacher Salary, education, documentary, Harvard
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Kory's Story (The Teacher Salary Project)

Premiere Exclusive

Ninive Calegari

Co-Founder of 826 National

About Ninive Calegari

Ninive Calegari is the co-founder, with Dave Eggers, of 826 National, which she helped grow from a local tutoring program into an influential education phenomenon that partners with schools, families, and community organizations across the country. An emphatic speaker, Calegari explores how scalable social projects can have a profound effect on thousands of young lives.

A former teacher herself, Ninive Calegari is the president of the Teacher Salary Project; the co-author of Teachers Have It ...

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Time travel, pirate supplies and inspiring young students to love writing

Ninive Calegari will deliver a delightful and heartwarming speech about how she co-founded (along with Dave Eggers) the award-winning 826 National Chapters. 826 is a literacy organization that inspires ...

A passionate appeal to see teachers as the solution

With a deep conviction that teaching and our democracy are intrinsically intertwined, Nínive will deliver a passionate appeal to see teachers as the solution, and to treat them that way. As a former ...

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Teachers Have It Easy: The Big Sacrifices and Small Salaries of America's Teachers by Ninive Calegari
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Why do teachers need side jobs to pay bills?

San Francisco had its first day of school this month, andKory O'Rourke, a San Francisco teacher, is still driving Lyft to make ends meet. O'Rourke loves her job as a teacher and says she lives "in fear that the bills won't get paid."; Her story is not unusual, and teachers who don't drive ...

Kory's Story | The Teacher Salary Project

The pinnacle of a teacher's career is to change students' lives by empowering them with knowledge and life skills. What if a teacher who pours into their students' lives full-time isn't being nurtured themselves? This is the reality of San Francisco teacher Kory O'Rourke's and many other ...

Why teachers' salaries should be doubled -- now

(McKinsey, "Closing the Talent Gap"; September 2010) My friend Erik Benner, a Texas high history teacher by day, works nights and weekends hauling flooring supplies at a warehouse with a forklift. "Honestly,I am invested andI love whatI do, butI am run down and exhausted. There aren't ...