Nicole Malachowski

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Nicole Malachowski Text Reviews

She is on stage right now and she is killing it - we are all huge fans!!! Thank you for your help bringing her to our winners.

Director of Event Marketing - SunTrust

Colonel Nicole Malachowski recently spoke to the senior leaders in my company and did an outstanding job. In fact, I cannot recall another speaker where there was such high universal praise. She is inspiring, authentic, energizing, and a true American hero. More than a week later, there is still abuzz in the organization and I have zero doubt her remarks will leave a lasting impression on our team to embrace headwinds and navigate change more successfully.

President and CEO - Strayer University, Inc.

Rarely have I found an entire room of business colleagues all so incredibly inspired and engaged by one speaker! Nicole's story has the power of relating to all businesses as well as the individual journeys we are all on. Nicole's compassion, determination and kind spirit shine through in every aspect of her presentation. The outpouring of support, after two standing ovations and many tears, made it clear her message resonated with everyone in attendance. We look forward to Nicole joining us for future conferences and highly recommend her for anyone looking for a truly exceptional experience!

CEO - Cetera Financial Group

You are a spectacular speaker and I have never been to a meeting with our entire team mesmerized by anyone like they were with you. Your story is unbelievable and you are able to deliver it in such a natural and powerful way that had me in awe for days after. I haven't been so motivated or inspired by anyone in a long time. I am organizing another meeting in Phoenix where leaders from across North America (hotel owners and managers who oversee Marketing) will be at a two day event and we would like to book you again. The dates are June 19th and 20th and we are flexible on which day it would be.

Event Director - Best Western

Nicole! We cannot thank YOU enough for bringing your inspiring, moving, profound, vulnerable, INCREDIBLE story to our team. If your ears have been ringing it is 120 people saying you were the absolute highlight of the whole offsite. And many told me you were the best speaker they have ever heard (and these people hear a lot of speakers!)


You had a big impact on our team, for which I am grateful. The one thing that stood out to me is your advice to "loosen your grip" when turbulence hits. My natural reaction is just the opposite. But with our great team, I think your advice is spot on and I am going to focus on loosening my grip when the next rough patch hits. Thanks for making me a better leader.

Chief Executive Officer - Extra Storage Space

After the meeting, many dealers stated she was the best speaker we have ever had in the 28 years this event has been held. I strongly recommend her to future clients.

Group Vice President and General Manager - Lexus Division

The conference attendees raved about your presentation...You are an extraordinary presenter who understands people and what is important to them. YOU ROCK!!!!

HM Health Solutions Inc

In a few words, she was a slam dunk! Working with Nicole Malachowski has been one of the highlights of my career. Not only was she very personable and spoke to everyone that wanted her attention, but as a keynote, she absolutely nailed it! She took the time to call me beforehand and tailored her speech EXACTLY to our audience. She was more than just a speaker and touched the audience in so many ways - professionally by taking a chance on herself, being a teammate, a mom, a woman and a badass. She is my American hero for so many more reasons than being a veteran and I have incredible admiration for her - and not just because she was the pilot of a fighter jet. She has overcome some pretty intense obstacles in life and tells her stories with grace and humor. She's a true inspiration and I have never received more positive feedback on anything than selecting Nicole as our keynote. Do yourself a favor and book her now. You can thank me later.

Senior Meetings and Continuing Education Director - Medical Industry Association

Book her now! I have worked with many speakers throughout my career and by far Nicole is the best. Easy to work with, engaged and humble. She did her homework and tied in our mission to her remarks and hit the nail on the head on how our audience of over 800 people can work together as a team. She was funny, passionate and drove home her points. We had attendees lined up for 45 minutes afterward to speak to her personally and she was gracious in speaking to every one of them.

Savannah Economic Development Authority

In my 35 years as part of the financial services industry, I've seen a lot of great speakers, inspirational speakers. Nicole is the absolute best I've ever seen. Her story is inspirational, her delivery is superb. But most of all, Nicole spent the time and energy to get to know OUR story so that her presentation was really about US. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I truly believe that we will be more successful and happy in our professional and personal pursuits as a result of being blessed with Nicole's inspirational presentation.

National Sales Manager - Transamerica

Such an amazing presentation today by Nicole. I just don't even have words to describe how she hit it out of the park - pure awesomeness!!!


The honest truth is - everyone was blown away. I think it's a talent and a gift to get a group of dealers to be that introspective not just about their business, but about themselves. I don't know if Nicole could tell, but there were some tears happening in that room truly an incredible experience.

Event Manager - Toyota Motor North Ameri

In 30 years of events, I have never had so many supplier appreciation attendees rave about any of our other VIP speakers than I had about you. The best we've ever had!

CEO - Chase Plastics

Nicole Malachowski brought energy, enthusiasm, and a message of resiliency the accolades and amazing reviews from our audience continue to materialize

CEO - TransCend4

As always, Nicole hit a home run! Her message greatly resonated with the audience! A lot of her language is being used: loosen my grip, etc. She is a gem.

W.R. Grace

Nicole knocked it out of the park. She was definitely a hit and folks could not stop talking about her session Just phenomenal.

Wood PLC

I have never received feedback regarding a guest speaker like I did this year Truly outstanding.

Chief Operating Officer - Troon

She was an absolute superstar who captivated our audience of over 300 people all the attendees could talk about was how inspired they felt after hearing Nicole's story!

CEO - Vista Solutions Group