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Michael Winston

Change - The Boost to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

Michael Winston
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Accelerating Change

Change is occurring at a blistering pace, leaving many businesses unprepared. Wave after wave of technological breakthroughs have revolutionized entire industries overnight. Wrenching political changes around the world are bringing new opportunities and fresh risks. Competition in global markets is growing fiercer by the day. More sophisticated customers expect ever-higher levels of quality, customization, convenience, and timeliness.

The business climate has and will experience continued turbulence. New regulatory challenges as well as lingering economic uncertainty pose significant challenges. Success will depend not only on size, but also on speed and competitiveness to capitalize on fast-moving changes in markets, technologies, and the general business landscape. The Power of Change reveals proven strategies and tools to anticipate, drive and capitalize on change. This is Michael’s most requested and popular topic.

Champions of Innovation

Is your firm leading, managing and creating a culture for innovation success and business breakthroughs in this new global marketplace? Innovation is essential to compete in the global arena. To stay ahead of the curve, organizations need to redefine the rules of innovation and build a culture for innovation.

How can you ensure that your idea generators dedicate themselves to your company—rather than taking their hot management notions to rival firms? Innovation Champions reveals the new tools that enable us to harness an explosion of new, productive, innovative ideas in a changing world. Discover how to champion change, generate innovative solutions, reinvent your business model, and compete successfully in an ever-demanding global environment. This presentation is highlighted by rich illustrations of business trailblazers who charted a course into uncharted territory and brought glory to their names and phenomenal new opportunities to their companies. This presentation is especially relevant to leaders and companies that recognize that they must thrive on innovation and originality, encouraging risk-taking and divergent voices.

Building Competitive Advantage

Rapidly changing technology, quick market saturation, unexpected competition, and economic uncertainties - these all make succeeding in business harder than ever today. Companies that are ahead of the curve have a high intensity and consistent focus on markets, customers and competition. Building competitive advantage is not enough. You have to sustain competitive advantage. The required skills are not easy to master.

The source of competitive advantage is a constantly moving target. The best competitors know how to keep moving, can adapt quickly to meet market and technology changes, and always stay on the cutting edge. Marketplace and organizational agility are prime factors of success. Dynamic organizations thrive through agility and infinite marketplace adaptation to become market leaders.

Business strategies must and are changing in an effort to become more competitive. Many businesses have to be totally revamped to reflect the new values, new management styles, and new ways of doing business necessary to meet the competitive challenge. Building Competitive Advantage covers the “new rules” for competitive vigor.

Leadership...in the Eye of the Storm!

A changing business environment requires an increasingly high level of human performance within an increasingly complex business world. Leadership…in the Eye of the Storm details cutting-edge tools and strategies leaders use during turbulent times to tap and optimize the talents and skills of those around them - stimulating high performance, sparking creativity and imagination, encouraging teamwork and inspiring loyalty.

The key is stepping up to the task of creating an environment in which people want to, and can, perform at the highest levels of their potential. This program provides participants with the perspectives, strategies, and tactics to shape both their personal destinies and their organization's futures in an age of complexity and uncertainty.

Michael Winston
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Michael Winston

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