Michael Melnik | Working with organizations to create a safe, healthy and productive environment

Michael Melnik

Working with organizations to create a safe, healthy and productive environment

Michael Melnik
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“The Energized Approach"
Effectively Implementing Change in the Workplace (Leadership)

There are 3 certainties in life….Death, Taxes….and Change! Organizations spend an abundance of time, money and resources to drive positive changes in the workplace. All too often these efforts fall short of expectations. There is hope! In most cases the problem isn’t the change itself, it’s the environment into which the change is introduced and the methods used to introduce, implement and support this change. In "The Energized Approach" Michael introduces the 10 energy sources that are critical for success and offers time-tested strategies to minimize resistance maximize participation and create the energy that is essential for success.

From Knowing To Doing
Getting Maximum ROI From your Employee Training Efforts.

It is well known that “what is said” is not necessarily “what is heard” and what is heard is not necessarily “what is done”. Organizations invest substantial amounts of time and money on training with the intention of influencing behaviors in a positive way. The problem is that most organizations focus their attention on how the training is delivered with little thought given to how the training is received and put into practice! In this fun, high energy and practical session Michael introduces REP: The Rational, Emotional and Physical Approach to Training. The REP approach helps organizations maximize training effectiveness by focusing on how information needs to be received and acted on in order to get the greatest return on their training investment.

If Change Were Easy, We’d All Be Perfect

Do you eat right, exercise regularly and avoid things that are bad for you? Ever cut a corner to get something done quickly? Even though we know the right things to do, we don’t always do them. Why is it that we are so surprised when others exhibit these same behaviors? In this lively, energetic, fun-filled session, Michael examines this humorous and often frustrating side of human behavior…resistance to and struggle with Change. Through the use of REP: The Rational, Emotional and the Physical Approach to Promoting Change. Michael helps you better understand what drives behaviors, and more importantly, offers practical strategies for steering them in a positive direction.

Lighter Side of Sitting, Standing, Lifting and Stretching.

Did you know that there is no “right” way to lift, that sitting and standing can be done without fatigue or what it means to “let your body breathe”? In this high energy, interactive session Michael dispels the myths surrounding "proper" body mechanics and offers practical and effective strategies to increase comfort and productivity. This popular session is a refreshing break from the normal course of events at an event and offers participants valuable information while getting them up, moving and energized.

Surviving a Multi-Day Conference.

Organizations conduct conferences to motivate and energize audiences, yet the combination of prolonged sitting and changes in sleeping, eating and exercise habits often have the opposite effect. This fun, high energy and hilarious session is a great way to open your event! Michael examines the physical demands of a conference and provides participants with practical tools to help them remain
“energized” throughout the event and send them away ready to put their new-found knowledge to use.

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