Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP

Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP

Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP Speech Topics

Selling to Multicultural Customers
Once you have attracted new customers to your business through a planned multicultural marketing campaign then what do you do with them? Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and Middle Easterners do not buy products and services in the same way as Caucasian customers. If you do not customize your...
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Black Belt Negotiating®
We Americans tend to be rather poor negotiators compared to people in Mexico, China and the Middle East. We walk into stores and pay whatever is asked. In other countries they would never consider doing such a crazy thing! People from negotiating cultures never pay full price for anything. Learn...
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Marketing to Multicultural Customers
If you want to reach the nearly $2 trillion multicultural market in the United States you must develop a culturally-sensitive marketing campaign. When minorities are exposed to ads that are not designed for them that ad is virtually invisible to them. Learn how to market to Hispanics, African...
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Multicultural Customer Service
Everyone knows that great customer service brings buyers back over and over saving the company money and time in marketing. However, the definition of what constitutes fabulous customer service is different when dealing with Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and Middle Easterners. You must...
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Advantages in Diversity
Forty percent of all people entering the workforce today are minorities. For companies who embrace people from diverse cultures they offer the advantage of language skills, negotiating savvy, global awareness and new processes in addition to creative solutions to difficult problems. However, to...
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Bridging Differences Across Cultures
An organization that understands and embraces cultural differences is stronger, more productive and better equipped to sell to customers from all walks of life. In this program you will learn: Why treating everyone “equally” is impossible and undesirable; How the organization benefits from...
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