Mel Robbins | Technology CEO, Award-winning CNN Contributor & Authority on Achieving Breakthrough Performance so People Listen, Care and Take Action.

Mel Robbins

Technology CEO, Award-winning CNN Contributor & Authority on Achieving Breakthrough Performance so People Listen, Care and Take Action.

Mel Robbins
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The High 5 Habit

How To Inspire Yourself And Those Around You To Be Their Best

The most pressing question leaders everywhere struggle with is this:

How do I motivate and inspire my team to be their best?

In this visually rich and memorable experience, Mel will share what it takes for any leader to create a driven, connected, collaborative, and cohesive team. Your audience will be shocked and delighted to learn that the secret to motivating others is right in front of their face.

Inspiring others begins with learning how to inspire yourself. In this speech, Mel shows your audience HOW to light the fire of motivation and inspiration within themselves first, so productivity, action, and accomplishments flow naturally. Your audience will

then learn how to ignite a chain reaction to inspire not only their teams, but also their spouses, their kids, and the people around them.

Mel explains the surprising research from her international best-seller The High 5 Habit, about what truly motivates us and those around us, and it’s revolutionary.

It all begins with the relatable and funny story of how Mel discovered The High 5 Habit one morning in her bathroom, and how this simple habit has spread around the world, transforming the lives of people of all ages.

She’ll also share what she discovered after a year-long research project on the science of what motivates people. The answer is a management approach called “The High 5 Leader.” It’s the secret to inspiring top-tier performance in yourself and others. Your audience will learn what it takes to be a High 5 Leader in life and at work, and the five habits that make up the high five attitude of celebration and support.

The tactics and strategies for mastering your mindset and taking control of your life are the game-changers you and your audience have been looking for but never seemed to find. It’s what’s missing in their lives and in your organization.

The insights and inspiration your audience receives will create meaningful change as Mel teaches them HOW to show up like a modern leader, HOW to motivate and inspire others every single day, HOW to navigate change with unwavering certainty, and HOW to find opportunity no matter how dire things look.

It’s all supported by profound research and Mel will share the real-life results that her tools are creating in the lives of millions of people around the world. So be prepared to laugh, learn, and envision yourself as a High 5 Leader.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a simple habit and how to use it to change your mindset and approach to inspiring yourself and others.

  • Understand the new science of leadership and how to show up as a High 5 Leader.

  • The surprising secret to job satisfaction and motivation.

  • Why the first 2 mins and 37 seconds of your day determines what kind of leader you’re going to be.

  • The 3 fundamental needs all people have––and why you can’t empower people unless you tap into them.

  • Understanding mirror neurons and how to use them to your advantage

  • The science behind spotting opportunity and how you can train your brain to see the path forward in even the worst of circumstances.

The 5 Second Rule

The Simple Science-Backed Secret to Changing Anything

It is not enough to tell people what you want them to do. You must teach them HOW to change. That’s why, if you’ve never hired Mel to speak, The 5 Second Rule is the speech your audience needs.

It’s the perfect opening or closing keynote to any event because it teaches your audience the science-backed secret to change and launches them into action. The 5 Second Rule is a tool that instantly moves anyone. This is a speech about the courage to take action

and the science of habits. It’s deeply moving, highly motivating, and relevant for every type of change you’re trying to inspire.

The 5 Second Rule started as a simple trick Mel created to get out of bed during the worst moment of her life, and has grown into a global phenomenon

that has changed the lives of millions. The Rule is now used by healthcare professionals, veterans’ organizations, and the world’s leading brands to help people become more courageous, accomplish goals, and change behavior. Through stories and humor, your audience will learn the power of five second decisions and how to use them to help people, teams, and businesses change for the better.

This is a transformational experience filled with groundbreaking tactics and insights that are critical for selling, leadership development, innovation, and success. Your audience will walk out of this experience with tools they can bring back to their teams, their families, and their lives––and they’ll leave feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take action.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a simple tool and how to use it to break old habits and create new ones.

  • Understand how five second decisions change your life and business.

  • Discover the secret to increasing productivity, confidence, and courage.

  • Leverage the science of habits to create immediate behavior change.

  • Unlock higher brain function that enables breakthrough performance.

  • Be inspired and uplifted to reach your potential.

Customized Speeches

Mel also creates customized speeches and multi-event leadership series for clients.


19 city event tour with a Fortune 20 financial services client

  • Audience: Entrepreneurs and small business owners

  • Topic: Disruption

    8 event tour for a Fortune 10 client telecommunications client

  • Audience: Managers

  • Topic: The Power of You

    “Startup Week” tour nationwide sponsored by a Fortune 15 client

  • Audience: Entrepreneurs and small business owners

  • Topics: Productivity and Motivation

    11 city event tour with a Fortune 50 financial services client

  • Audience: Female CEOs

  • Topic: The Science of Productivity and the Art of Focus

    Starbucks Pourover Series: Series of pre-recorded corporate trainings

  • Audience: 174,000 Starbucks employees

  • Topics: Courage and Resilience

These are just a few examples with previous clients. If you are interested in customized keynotes or multi-date series on the topics of Change, Motivation, Leadership, Confidence, Women and Business, and Management/Influence––let’s talk!

Virtual Event

Mel’s explosion of energy and custom-designed virtual events are a soul-stirring experience that will keep any audience engaged and focused.

Mel Robbins
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