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Lisa Ford

Author of How To Give Exceptional Customer Service

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Lisa Ford is a speaker with over 20 years of experience presenting to businesses, associations and government. She speaks throughout the United States and internationally on topics of customer service, leadership, team issues and change. Lisa is best known for her work in the areas of customer service. She is the author of the videotape series How to Give Exceptional Customer Service, the #1 selling business tapes in the U.S. for over 3 years. Her other videos and audiotapes include: Developing a ...

Once again, you were the overwhelming favorite of the conference, higher rated than either the opening or closing. You are one terrific speaker who has the ability to capture even the most critical listener.

Lynne Hellmer,Open Lines Conference Director - University of Illinois

"It was the best conference--Red Cross or other wise--that I've ever been to. If this doesn't inspire our staff, nothing ever will." "Lisa Ford was great! Did you notice how everyone dashed back after break? No one wanted to miss a minute."

Mahla Swinford,Director Communications - American Red Cross

You work CHEAP! You should be charging twice that amount. Your presentation was probably the very best we have ever had.

Mickey Nugent,Vice President of Operations - Southern Farm Bureau

It's a shame you do what you do so well . . . and get paid to do it . . . and have such fun . . . that is almost immoral. You truly are a professional."

Neal Skeeters,Vice President - The Equitable

I never fully imagined that anyone could capture the complete attention of such a diverse group but somehow you did. I was amazed at how engaged they all were and I must say they are still talking about their three hours with you.

George H. Hellen, Resident District Manager - Aramark Campus Services - New York University

Thanks for joining us in KC. Your part was a highlight of the day! I really appreciate your energy and passion. Your piece resonated more than a video or PowerPoint could ever do.

Verizon Wireless
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