Kim Strobel

Kim Strobel, K-12 Education, Teaching Principles happiness, school culture, education Kim Strobel, K-12 Education, Teaching Principles happiness, school culture, education

Kim Strobel Bio

Owner, Education Consultant, and Motivational Speaker

Kim isn't just the owner of Strobel Education. She's its driving force. Her wisdom, positivity, and strength inform every aspect--and it shows in the inspiring workshops she presents to teachers who seek to make a difference. She puts herself "in the trenches" with teachers because she was once there herself and knows how important support and encouragement are in creating a successful classroom.

A licensed ELA teacher for grades K-12, Kim has taught in classrooms at all grade levels during her almost 20 years as an education professional. She began her career teaching fourth grade, during which time she served on numerous committees devoted to improving the curriculum and culture of the schools. She next served as a K-12 Literacy Coordinator, helping to develop a school-wide plan to improve literacy achievement and implement new common core literacy standards. Kim found her next challenge as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a school district, during which time she developed curriculum in all content areas, K-12; collaborated with teachers and administrators to identify instructional needs; and served as a liaison with state and local agencies.

Throughout her career, Kim has been recognized at the state and local level for her achievements and contributions to the education field. In 2010, she was awarded a grant from the Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowship, which she used to study the practice of meditation and how to use it in the classroom. And most recently, she's taken her vision of reimagining education to the national stage as a featured keynote speaker at the Innovative Schools Summit in Atlanta, and the School Discipline Conference in Las Vegas.

Kim has recently added the role of Happiness Coach to her lengthy resume. Her new business, Kim Strobel - Live Events and Retreats, guides individuals toward rediscovering their authentic selves and reclaiming their personal and professional joy. Kim sprinkles happiness tips and tricks into her education workshops, ensuring teachers reenter their classrooms with renewed purpose and passion.

Professionally, Kim's a teacher, a consultant, a speaker, a happiness coach and an aspiring author. But her personal life is just as full. When she's not firing up educators with her signature mix of excitement and experience, she's a die-hard runner, an advocate for her community's abandoned animals, and a family-oriented gal who loves spending time with her husband Scott, their four children, two grandkids, and three pups.