Keren Elazari | Cyber Security Analyst, Author & Researcher

Keren Elazari

Cyber Security Analyst, Author & Researcher

Keren Elazari
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Current: TED: Hackers: the Internet's immune system

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TED: Hackers: the Internet's immune system
Time 16:40
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AI, Cybersecurity, and the Promise of Tomorrow
A Hacker's Insight

Journey with Keren Elazari through the transformative world of AI and cybersecurity. From her unique vantage point, shaped by personal experiences as a hacker, Keren celebrates hackers as trailblazing innovators. She demystifies AI's pivotal role in cybersecurity, emphasizing its vast potential to safeguard our digital realm. While acknowledging the challenges of "malicious innovation," Keren accentuates the positive: the unparalleled opportunities AI presents. In this digital age, TRUST emerges as a golden thread, weaving challenge with opportunity. As we gaze into the future, Keren envisions a harmonious interplay between AI and cybersecurity, with friendly hackers championing the cause, ensuring algorithms serve humanity's best interests. Dive into this enlightening exploration of technology's promise, where risks are merely stepping stones to a brighter, secure tomorrow.

Navigating the Digital Frontier
AI, Cybersecurity, and the Hacker's Lens

In a world increasingly governed by technology, Keren Elazari invites you on a journey through the digital landscape, seen through the eyes of a hacker. Drawing from her personal experiences and evolution into a hacker, Keren delves into the fearless spirit of hackers as pioneering innovators and early adopters of technology.

But what role does Artificial Intelligence (AI) play in this realm? Keren demystifies AI's role in cybersecurity, highlighting its potential and limitations. She presents chilling examples of "malicious innovation," where automation, AI, and adversarial machine learning are wielded with nefarious intent. Yet, in this age of digital uncertainty, one element stands out as both a challenge and an opportunity: TRUST.

As we look to the future, the applications of AI in cybersecurity are vast, both as a shield and a weapon. But where do friendly hackers fit into this narrative? Keren posits that they could be the unsung heroes, identifying and rectifying the "bugs" in complex algorithms and machine learning models. Join Keren as she unravels the intricate dance between AI, cybersecurity, and the hacker ethos, offering insights into the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

The Digital Battlefield
Cyber Warfare in a New Era

The 21st century has ushered in an age where cyber warfare is the new norm, with nations wielding digital weapons to further their political agendas. From the groundbreaking Stuxnet virus to the cyber onslaughts in Ukraine, the digital realm has become the frontline. As we navigate this new warfare landscape, it's crucial to understand the implications for global security and the pivotal role of trust in our digital society

Adapting to Crisis
Cybersecurity in a Post-COVID World

The pandemic reshaped our work and personal lives, pushing us further into the digital realm. With this shift came new vulnerabilities and threats. Dive into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, from Zoom bombings to sophisticated ransomware attacks, and learn how to fortify our digital defenses in these challenging times.

Keren Elazari
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Keren Elazari

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