Where Are All The Women ?

People talk about the lack of gender diversity and representation at conferences and media events. I often hear - "We tried, but couldn't get any" - or even worse "we don't think it's a problem" (True story!) Or : "what about all of the other under-represented groups?" Fair enough : There are a lot of minorities which don't get the limelight. However: Women are not a minority. Women are +50% of the workforce, society, your audience - your customers! So, If you want to have more women speak at events? Here are 3 simple steps: 

1) Look harder to find them

2) Be persistent

3) Don't take NO for an answer 

Most importantly : Don't say "we tried, there just aren't any women". 
Because that is just not true.  

Here are a few words of wisdom from June Cohen, TED executive producer, the woman who invited me to speak at TED 2014, because she tried harder.


Source: LinkedIn Pulse 

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