Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier | Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vice President of American Specialty Health and Integrative Medicine Pioneer

Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier

Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vice President of American Specialty Health and Integrative Medicine Pioneer

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Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier
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Change Your Genes, Change Your Life

Creating Optimal Health with the New Science of Epigenetics

Our DNA is not our destiny! In fact, with rare exception, our health is almost completely reliant upon lifestyle choices including what we eat, how we handle stress, the strength of our relationships, and the toxicity of our environment. Through epigenetics, we now know that it is how our individual genes respond to these factors that create a unique internal biochemistry which literally turns genes on or off. Assessing and managing this biochemical environment has opened the door to “personalized medicine” and will become the standard reference for guiding specific lifestyle changes that will optimize our health and longevity.

Epigenetics, Healthy Aging, and Longevity

In this keynote, Dr Pelletier focuses on the influence of genetic expression of ‘telomeres’ which are genetic markers for aging. Telomores are “X” shaped with the tips of the ends covered like a shoelace. As we age, the telomere shortens and the tips fray. This results in inaccurate cell replication, which we call aging. On the good news side of this phenomena is the fact that many lifestyle influences can actually lengthen the telomeres and preserve the tips! During his keynote, Dr Pelletier cites the research on the positive effects of diet and nutrition, physical activity, stress management and meditation, social support, and a clean/toxin free environment to protect and even reverse damage to the telomere and to generate healthy aging and longevity.

Healthy People – Healthy Places

More and more individuals and organizations are realizing that health is an integral part of success in business. Drawing upon over 30 years of clinical and cost outcomes research, this lecture provides the evidence-based outcomes and specific practices that lead individuals and their organizations to optimal heath, reduced medical expenditures, increased performance, and productivity.

Sound Mind – Sound Body

Practical guidelines derived from the latest research in integrative medicine, focused on mind-body practices, herbal remedies, and other practices designed to achieve primal health and productivity. This book is based on a 3 year study funded by Laurence Rockefeller which determined the common health practices through structured interviews with such individuals as Norman Cousins, Laurel Burch, Paul Hawken, George Lucas, David Rockefeller, Norman Lear, and Bruce Jenner among others.

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Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier

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