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Diana Jordan

Growing up in a small town, like her fellow Oklahoman, Will Rogers, Diana Jordan never met a person she couldn't find some good in or humor. Diana has toured the country many times over as an extremely successful Speaker, stand-up comedian, and author. She is also a cancer survivor and speaks about her journey to many cancer organizations and events nationwide. After having entertained over a million people live and on television, Diana came to realize that in making people laugh she was helping them deal with stress, motivating them, and teaching them what a great tool a burst of laughter is! Diana started her career back in Oklahoma as a young country western singer. She toured all around the country finally ending up where she wanted to: Las Vegas! After only three weeks of pounding on agents' doors and begging them to let her sing along with pre-recorded music on her little cassette recorder she got hired by a big hotel as the lead singer in a house band! Caesars Palace no less! Believing in herself was never a problem but getting others to was not so easy. Here is where she honed her skills of speaking in front of others, being funny, and believing in herself. And, yes, there was always a truck and a train involved. Diana loves the authenticity of country music and even adds impromptu songs in her Presentations. Leaving Vegas she went to California where she expanded her talents into acting, speaking, and stand-up comedy. Unfortunately, Diana had to put into application all that she knew and had learned when she was diagnosed in 2010 with breast cancer. "My sense of humor helped me deal with my situation and recovery. Laughter is absolutely the magic bullet! I am now 14 years cancer-free!" Comedy also helped Diana deal with & heal the wounds of an unsettling childhood of being bullied for having (undiagnosed) A.D.D. and dyslexia. Her humor and involvement in sports such as gymnastics, ballet, and track helped give her the confidence to persevere. Oh, and her mom! She is a survivor in every sense of the word! Diana has also been featured on Oprah for her talents as a comedian and writer, and calls Diana, "One of the funniest people on the planet!". Her hilarious, best-selling book called, A Wife's Little Instruction Book, Your Survival Guide to Marriage Without Bloodshed! has sold over 500,000 copies in five languages. She has also been nominated by The American Comedy Awards as, "One of the top five female comedians in the country!" where she was personally introduced by Joan Rivers. She has appeared in many comedy specials, including, Showtime's Women of the Night, Evening at the Improv, Comedy Central, Entertainment Tonight, CBS News, The Match-Game, Netflix, and many more. A world traveler, Diana has lived in Greece, Hawaii, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and even 'starved' while working as a waitress in New York to get a job on Broadway. She never gives up! For the last 15 years Diana has become America's funniest motivational Speaker and overlapped that with continuing two decades as one of the country's top female comedy Headliners. Diana also works with STAND UP TO CANCER and loves mentoring young female comedians, businesswomen and up and coming speakers. When Diana first arrived from Oklahoma, she studied improvisation comedy in Los Angeles at "Off the Wall!" classes with fellow classmate/date mate Robin Williams. She has been under contract to CBS Network and Twentieth Century Fox Studios for her self-written autobiographical sitcom. On screen, Diana co-starred in"Loretta's Surprise," which was featured at the Sundance Film Festival, 'Blood Pageant' a comedy/horror movie with Snoop Dog which was released summer of 2021, and was handpicked by director Cameron Crowe to be in the Oscar-nominated movie "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise. You'll see her sitting next to Cruise during the now-famous "You complete me" and "You had me at hello" scenes! Cruise says, "Diana is funny and smart, she had me at "ha! ha!" Diana is a member of SAG, AFTRA, BMI, The National Speakers Association, and The Writers Guild of America.

Diana Jordan
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Diana Jordan
Featured Keynote Programs

The Healing Power of Laughter

See no evil, Hear no evil, & Laugh at everything!
Healthcare and Stress Reduction Speaker

6 Science-Based Reasons Why Laughter is the Best Medicine!

• Laughter contagiously forms social bonds. (No crazy-glue needed)
• Laughter fosters brain connectivity. (Conjure up productive good thoughts)
• Laughter is central to relationships. (Why women like men that are funny!)
• Laughter has an effect similar to antidepressants. (No yucky side effects)
• Laughter protects your heart. (Like internal jogging without sweating)
• Laughter is a potent endorphin releaser. (I feel like dancing!)

Not your typical cookie-cutter type speaker, Diana Jordan has been called by Oprah, “As one of the funniest people on the planet!” Dr. Oz says, “Hire Diana, she proves laughter is indeed the best medicine!”

A smile can be the beginning of a conversation! At meetings & conventions people are encouraged to talk and exchange ideas and information. When humor is introduced into the conversation a bond and trust forms more quickly.

Dynamic Diana believes we all need to take a cue from that great philosopher, FERRIS BUELLER: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it…” If you don’t remember Ferris, this means slow your roll - Stop & smell the laughter!

Health care professionals are yearning to learn but also experience some fun in how to deal with the ever-changing field. Why is laughing so good for them? Why laughter makes you shine in your field and be a more productive person. Why humor promotes great leadership and adaptability to changes. The many health benefits of laughter including stress reduction, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, massages the heart, pain management, and laughter can help you lose weight!

Diana is a favorite presenter for such groups as MGMA, AHIMA, SHRM, CMSA, AHIA, NANN, OSN and many others as well as a large variety of nursing organizations and nursing schools across the country. If you want someone who is uplifting, authentic, accessible, relevant, insightful and can make your audience laugh out loud as they learn and absorb then look no further. Diana Jordan is for you.

Objectives: (can be customized)

• Lists several new ways humor can be added to their interactions with colleagues and patients.
• Describes the power of humor to decrease tension and anxiety and promote healing.
• Understand how to use humor to increase creativity in the workplace.
• Teaches how to use humor to diffuse potentially bad situations.
• Explains how humor bonds people, increases work performance and reduces absenteeism.
• References research from the past 20 years to convince those in a leadership capacity that humor leads to people making fewer mistakes so it’s ok to have fun at work.
• Empower your audience to use laughter to cope with stress and change in the workplace and in home-life.
• How to deal with the disconnection of generations,
• Healthy benefits of laughter and how it is a great coping mechanism.

Nurse Attendees Survey answers: “How was Diana as our Keynote Presenter.”-

• Diana Jordan was FABULOUS. She was stand up comedian from the instant she took the stage. I agreed with every word she said. I realize the importance of laughing your way through life and not stressing about the small stuff. Her jokes were hilarious. I could have listened to her all day.

• Great reminder to laugh. Excellent presentation

• Great speaker...wonderful way to end the conference.

• I could listen to her every year. So Funny!!! Laughed so much.

• I enjoyed this session! Relevant to a highly stressful work of a nurse!

A Happy “Laff-attitude” helped me survive cancer - The Journey of Hope and Humor.

Have you ever laughed until you cried? Cried until you laughed?

How could Diana Jordan, the woman Oprah picked as “One of the funniest people on the planet!” get cancer? She did. Armed with a sense of humor, a strong medical team, and hours on Google (you know you do it too) Diana took off on her journey of hope and humor navigating through the diagnosis and determined not to Be a statistic. Diana is a ten year grateful survivor!

“Early detection equals prevention.” As a breast cancer speaker Diana emphasizes the importance of stress reduction as well as the critical nature of following a good nutritional plan, having more fun, being socially active, accepting your new normal and ‘finding the funny' in life in general. ‘Humor is all around us! Pay attention to your life! It’s talking to you! Take a cue from that great philosopher poet, Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Indeed! We all need to make an appointment with ourselves to have more fun and love.

Do we need a book called,” Cancer Etiquette for Dummies.”

“You have to find the humor in all situations in life- it can literally save it. Example: A couple of weeks after my mastectomy a friend’s brother said to me, ‘I’m so sorry you had cancer, believe me, I understand. My mom's older sister had a vasectomy!” Did he really say that! Oh yes, he did. Ya gotta laugh!

Cancer patients, survivors, and their families are such special people and are so very grateful to all the wonderful healthcare workers that strive to try to make their life a little easier. With this disease on the rise Diana finds herself in high demand as not only a breast cancer survivor speaker but also a cancer Speaker in general. “People do not realize how many different kinds of cancers there are. She shares her experiences and the effects it has had on her as a patient and survivor as well as on family and friends.” Diana shares how she works diligently at prevention. Her mission statement:

• Exhibit how to use laughter and humor to cope with stress, change, pain management and attitude.
• Explore the many health benefits of laughter (massages the heart, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, and helps you lose weight! Yea!
• Dealing with friends and family and how to understand that they have a difficult time as well.
• How to find your funny by making and using your own ‘Giggle Box!” (A Dr. Oz favorite!)
• Getting used to your ‘New Normal’ and how to continue the journey with hope and humor.

As well as being a popular Speaker Diana is also a 25 year veteran stand-up comedian and actress. She can be seen in the Oscar nominated movie, “Jerry Macguire” with Tom Cruise and “Blood Pagent” which will be released in 2020 and also starring Billy Baldwin and Snoop Dog.

“Bring Diana to your next event to 'liven' things up and let everyone rejoice in being alive!
Motivation has never been so much fun!” - Diane Dimeo - Victory in the Valley
Cancer event 2018

Humor in the Workplace - Less Stress More Fun!

Oprah picks Diana Jordan as one of the funniest people on the planet!”

Diana believes we all need to take a cue from that great philosopher, FERRIS BUELLER: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it…” If you don’t remember Ferris, this means slow your roll - Stop & smell the laughter!

Diana believes we need to stop & feel the laughter! She knows the problems facing healthcare professionals today. Passion fatigue, feeling overworked and under appreciated, stress, and burn out! How can you introduce humor into the workplace and enjoy yourself and co-workers more? Diana will educate you on how to do this using statistics, illustrations, science, and hilarious stories!

As a Certified laughter counselor, Diana skillfully demonstrates how your attitude significantly impacts your health, as well as the ability to put things in perspective. She loves every audience and it shows as they leave feeling inspired, happy, full of laughter and armed with creative ways to use their overt or hidden sense of humor in the workplace to improve their work, attitude and life!

Informative illustrations on how you can learn to have a sense of humor and more importantly implement it and reap the many benefits including better work performance and just being a better YOU!

“When you hire Diana Jordan you don’t get your typical cookie-cutter-type Speaker!

“To say Diana was sensational is an understatement."

"She was inspirational & hilarious for a full 90 minutes! Frankly, the audience didn't want to let her go. We brought her back three years later!” - Catherine Stevenson, Community Resource Liaison,
Memorial Healthcare’s Women’s Nite Out

Humor In The Workplace Speaker Objectives:

• Demonstrates how laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships
• Teaches how to use humor to diffuse potentially bad situations.
• Delivers statistics of how humor bonds people, increases work performance, reduces absenteeism and encourages creativity in the workplace.
• Use personal experience describes how a sense of humor can be a learned and applied behavior.
• Let Diana empower your audience to use laughter to cope with stress, change, and burnout.

The Healing Power of Laughter- Nourishing the Nurse within you!

As a terrific nurses speaker, Diana made us laugh and she made us proud of the job we do every day. I can see why Oprah chose Diana Jordan as, “One of the funniest people on the planet!” and why Dr. Oz endorsed her too! The way she intertwined her message of healing through laughter and love through her personal experience with cancer and how we ‘have to find the funny’ in life to really thrive. Her knowledge and take on nursing is fun, funny, and refreshing! ...”
 Bridget Saunders, RN – St. John’s Hospital

Dynamic! Informative! & Funny! Not your boring cookie-cutter type healthcare & nurses speaker. Why not bring something different to your next meeting/convention?

A seasoned healthcare Speaker specializes in speaking at nurse events. She covers important objectives and offers CEU credit. Nurses feel OVERWORKED- UNDERAPPRECIATED & STRESSED OUT! As a breast cancer survivor Diana knows the importance of not only inspiring nurses but giving them encouragement to take care of themselves as well. “Put on your oxygen mask first and then take care of others! Nurses seem to postpone getting their yearly checkups putting themselves on the back burner. The consequences of this contribute to nurses having such a high degree of burnout!” Diana has spoken for many nursing organizations and nursing schools including John Hopkins School of Nursing where she demonstrated how humor can also be a useful tool to cope with stress, defuse potentially difficult situations and can increases morale as well as productivity in the workplace. Diana describes her mission as a Nurse Speaker: “To heal the world one laugh at a time.”

Nurses Speaker Objectives:
1. Demonstrates that our attitude equally impacts our health and ability to put things in perspective. 

2. Speaks on how to use humor to defuse a potentially bad situation, how laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships and work performance. As a Certified Laughter Therapist, Diana has found that laughter bonds people and increases cooperation in all settings – home or work. 

3. Lists several new ways humor can be added to their interactions with colleagues and patients. 

4. Describes the power of humor to decrease tension and anxiety and promote healing. 

5. The many health benefits of laughter including stress reduction, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, massages the heart, pain management, releases endorphins and laughter can help you lose weight!

“Diana Jordan was awesome! Who knew a National Neonatal Conference could be so much fun! Diana was a great close to a great Conference!”
Janice Abbsa, RN – New Orleans, LA

“On behalf of Long Island Health Network, a resounding THANK YOU for making ‘Energizing the spirit of the Health Care Professional’ such a success! To energize is to rejuvenate, and everyone was inspired with a new self perspective, which will hopefully resonate throughout our Network.” 
Kathleen Masiulus, Long Island Health Network

Diana Jordan
Featured Book

A Wife's Little Instruction Bookby Diana Jordan

A Wife's Little Instruction Book

by Diana Jordan

Diana Jordan
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