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Juliet Funt

Juliet Funt, Aging NSB, Stress Management Speaker, Health & Wellness, personal growth, Stress Management, personal development Juliet Funt, Aging NSB, Stress Management Speaker, Health & Wellness, personal growth, Stress Management, personal development
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Whitespace at Work
The Thieves of Productivity
The Power of Thinking
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Juliet Funt

High Energy Global Speaker, Advisor to the Fortune 500 on Surviving the age of Never Enough

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Los Angeles, CA, US
About Juliet Funt

Juliet Funt is the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, a training and consulting firm that helps organizations, their leaders and employees flip the norms of business in order to reclaim their creativity, productivity and engagement. With thought-provoking content and immediately actionable tools, she has become a nationally recognized expert in coping with the Age of Overload in which we all live and work.

Juliet helps attendees learn the pivotal difference between activity and productivity. She teaches ...

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Activity is Not Productivity: Raising Engagement Through Reclaiming WhiteSpace

Many wonderful companies are trapped in a thread of common denial. They believe pressure and incentives are enough to support workers who ...

The Reductive Mindset: Achieving Optimal Results Using the Tools of WhiteSpace

Employees today face many pressures in the Age of Overload: doing more with less, accelerating speed and the global 24/7 demands of ...

Igniting the Thoughtful Mind: How to Use WhiteSpace to Turbocharge Creativity

Is your company tasking you to be creative and innovative without providing the time to do it? You are not alone. Exertion has replaced ...

Thank goodness for speakers like you who actually become a part of the meeting team. Your attitude, the way you stuck around and spent time with participants, offering to pitch in & help if WE needed anything ... truly you were a meeting planner's dream.

Chris Crocker - Coldwell Banker Real Estate

What a wonderfully balanced and effective presentation! With a charismatic and approachable style, Juliet struck the perfect balance of high energy, humor and insightful, applicable content. . . . we left with tools we could use on a daily basis.

Mark D. Robeson - Wells Fargo

Thank you!!! You're the gift that keeps on giving--satisfied conference participants. . . . And bottom line (as Executive Directors are always focused on),the return on our investment in your fee has exceeded our highest expectations!

Dr. Bill Braden - Kentucky Counseling Association

Ms. Funt's workshop was exhilarating. She captivated our audience and presented key information in a humorous and thought provoking manner. After almost one hour she left our audience wanting to hear more.

Terrence F. Regan Lt. Col - Department of the Air Force
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3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

It's so important to make your vacation an actual vacation, so we asked Juliet Funt, CEO of White Space At Work,, to provide three quick tips to make the most of your vacation. 1) Debate Guilt - If fully disconnecting makes you feel like you're shirking your duties at work (because no one else ...

Juliet Funt knows what Event Planners go through..... she was one! [VIDEO]

SGMP 2012 Keynote from The Audition Studio on Vimeo. Juliet Funt gets it! She fully understands what meeting planners can go through on the day of an event.As a former Project Manger for a live events company, Juliet knows how to take the heat of an event day. Watch the ...