3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

It’s so important to make your vacation an actual vacation, so we asked Juliet Funt, CEO of White Space At Work,, to provide three quick tips to make the most of your vacation.

1) Debate Guilt - If fully disconnecting makes you feel like you’re shirking your duties at work (because no one else allows themselves that luxury,) use the truth to win the internal argument. Fully disconnecting is actually the best way to serve your company. Here’s some ammo for you. When you take a vacation we see 91% of your mangers report that you have come back more effective afterwards. And great ideas about your business often pop up. Our partners at Project Time Off- an organization that shows the productivity and business case for vacation tells us that Lin Manuel-Miranda of Hamilton fame, thought of the idea on vacation. In 1983, Howard Schultz added some WhiteSpace meandering time onto a business trip and discovered the Italian proficiency for blending coffee and fellowship, which led to the formation of Starbucks. 

2) Powerfully Respond - If you really want to be a stress free vacationer go full throttle daring and change your auto responder to one that will protect you from the deluge upon homecoming. Go online (yes, just one more time before disconnecting,) and change your outgoing message to something like this. “Hey Friends, I’m on a much needed vacation and the very talented __(colleague)_ can help you with any need you have. I will be deleting the messages that have come in during my vacation so if you need me please feel free to write back or call after __(your return date)__.

3) Buy a Real Camera - Moderation of our gadgets is much harder than abstention, but the mind benefits enormously from a fully disconnected vacation. If the idea of leaving your cell phone uncharged at the bottom of your suitcase terrifies you, your brain will find 1000 reasons why its’ not possible. The most seemingly substantial excuse will undoubtedly be that you need to take pictures. It might be a little more expensive to buy your camera onsite but this gesture will pay you back a hundred -fold in the moments you won’t miss diddling on your apps at the beach.

 Happy Mai Tai-ing!

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