Juliet Funt knows what Event Planners go through..... she was one! [VIDEO]

SGMP 2012 Keynote from The Audition Studio on Vimeo.

Juliet Funt gets it! She fully understands what meeting planners can go through on the day of an event. As a former Project Manger for a live events company, Juliet knows how to take the heat of an event day. Watch the video above to see her share her hilarious perspective on the life of an event planner. Read her bio below to learn more about her, and what she can bring to your event.

Juliet's Biography:

As the daughter of Allen Funt, creator of the Candid Camera television show, Juliet has spent her life observing the hidden truths beneath our social selves. She won't hide a camera in your office but will bring her family tradition of hilarity and warmth to each and every one of your attendees. MORE

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Juliet Funt: High Energy Global Speaker, Advisor to the Fortune 500 on Surviving the age of Never Enough

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