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Johnathon Hines

Creating Exciting Learning Experiences for Students and Inspiring Educators and Students throughout the Country

Johnathon Hines

As a 2006 graduate of Towers High School, Johnathon Hines is a product of the DeKalb County School District.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Physical Education from Albany State University and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University.  The opportunity to serve as the first African-American Public School Pre-K Teacher of the Year for the entire State of Georgia and give back to the community that has given so much to him, is profoundly rewarding. He serves as one of two pre-kindergarten teachers at DeKalb County School District’s Barack H. Obama Elementary Magnet School of Technology, the first public school in the Southeast named in honor of our 44th President of the United States of America. 


Mr. Hines attended Albany State University on a full athletic scholarship in basketball.  After graduating from Albany State, he went on to play professionally in South America (Peru). When he returned, he decided to go into the field of education because he was passionate about mentoring and working with children.  Mr. Hines has earned the respect of the entire school community and has the ability to ignite the fire of learning in pre-kindergarten students. Over the years, data has shown that many of Mr. Hines’ students go on to be the top-performing students in kindergarten. 


Mr. Hines understands that a first impression is a lasting impression for children, so he provides an exciting learning experience for his students each day.  He also teaches his students to serve others through community service and exhibit good character each day.  Additionally, Mr. Hines understands that in our community there is shortage of exposure to positive African-American males because many of our students come from single parent homes.  He wants to show children that African American men can be heroes in an every-day role, like teaching.  They don’t have to be entertainers or athletes to make an impact on the world.


In honor of his work and his impact in the field of education, Mr. Hines recently made history as the first African- American male to be named the 2019-20 Public School Pre-K Teacher of the year for the entire State of Georgia. He has truly earned this title through his work and good deeds. He is so honored to be chosen for this recognition and plans to use this platform to inspire other men to teach on the elementary level, where there are very few males in the ranks.  He is an everyday hero, who is changing this world one child at a time.  


In his spare time, Mr. Hines enjoys spending time with his daughter, listening to music, traveling, coaching football and basketball, and spending quality time with friends and family.  Mr. Hines is the proud son of Mr. John Hines and Ms. Michelle Thomas and he has four siblings (Xavier, Jashun, Bianca and Johntavia). Bennyta and Johnathon are the proud parents of their six year old daughter, Ms. Jaelle Hines.




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Johnathon Hines

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