Joel Fuhrman, MD Text Reviews

Dr. Fuhrman delivered his message on the powerful effects of nutritional excellence with a wonderful combination of passion and humor. Our audience was spellbound and motivated to take charge their own health.
Douglas D. Mercer, President - Nutrition for Wellness Foundation
Dr. Fuhrman initiated our staff wellness program w/ a dynamic presentation that got our staff interested and motivated to take action. Our employees were able to reduce their average total cholesterol by 18 points in just 7 weeks, while losing weight!
Matthew L. Israel, PhD; Executive Director - Judge Rotenberg Educational Center - Canton, MA
The health care monster ravaging corporate America can't be tamed by tweaking the system of "disease care." Dr. Fuhrman's effective approach of promoting health has the potential of preventing most diseases thru a program of nutritional excellence.
James M. Hicks, President - The Ansley Consulting Group; Former EVP of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
Corporate America must listen to Dr Fuhrman. Finally we have a physician who has put together the most effective dietary and nutritional program based upon empirical data and clinical evidence.
Lee Launer - Fellow Society of Actuaries
Dr. Fuhrman speaks with ease about complicated health issues. His clear, entertaining, insightful and motivating talks about disease prevention and reversal puts him at the top of any medical speakers list.
Gerald Deutsch, President - National Health Association
The moment you began to speak, it was clear that we made the right decision. Your presentation was both entertaining and interesting with the right mix of hard data, examples, and opinions. Moreover, it was well organized and easy to follow.
Laura Banko, President - Princeton Day School Partners Association