Jodi Haney, PhD Bio

Jodi Haney is a dynamic and passionate educator who taps her 30+ years of experience in education to deliver powerful information that brings about educational change. A Professor Emeritus (retired, but still active) in Science and Environmental Education, Jodi is able to address needs specific to these disciplines, but considers herself a generalist in education and her presentations are designed to be highly interdisciplinary in nature.

Jodi Haney is often described as "a person who knows so much about education, but is able to communicate it in a way that makes you feel like she's one of us... that she's been there and knows the daily trials and tribulations of today's classroom." She establishes immediate rapport with teachers, regardless of their subject area specialties or grade level assignments. She moves people by providing interactive opportunities to study, discuss, reflect, and take action.

Jodi Haney blends heartwarming and humorous stories with research based evidence to make the case for a new direction in education. As an author, Jodi has published over 40 articles in prestigious journals, developed national curricula on problem based learning for middle grades students, and is the author of her first book, "Motivation Matters: Seven Ways to Ignite, Excite, and Engage 21st Century Learners.

Haney has made over 90 presentations at international and national conferences, and over 250 presentations to school and community groups. She has authored and received over $20 million in grant monies to lead school improvement projects aimed at reaching national science and environmental education goals. Dr. Haney's projects bring together university, school, parent, business, and community partners as a collaborative force to elicit lasting educational change. Jodi's accomplishments were highlighted in 1999 when she was named the Bowling Green State University's Outstanding Young Scholar and again in 2014, as a finalist for the BGSU Student Alumni Connection Master Teacher Award.

Jodi believes that teaching is the essence of her identity and she is passionate about her role to inspire the love of learning through active, engaged, and authentic experiences both within the classroom and the local community. As a result of her life experiences, Haney now sets out to provide inspiring, state of the art professional development for PreK-16+ teachers, informal educators, and community partners through her educational consulting firm, Xcite Learning.

Jodi Haney's contributions in education are far reaching and both her words and actions have inspired and transformed audiences around the globe.