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Jenn Lim

Bestselling Author of Beyond Happiness, CEO & Cofounder of Delivering Happiness [DH]

Jenn Lim
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Welcome to the New Workplace

Where do we grow from here for people, adaptability, and impact? What is the new work world, and how best do we rally to get people plugged in again? As Jenn likes to frame it, the whole world got 2020’d, and the “future of work” is already happening now. With change still happening all around us, it’s more important than ever to get your team aligned to do their best work and feel (beyond) happy. Teams need tools to embrace the constant volatility and uncertainty. They want real-talk, and they want it now.

In this session, Jenn will share the greenhouse elements every workplace needs to fully adapt and thrive, first as individuals, then as a team and community. Learn how the Greenhouse Model can help your team feel connected with a sense of belonging, communicate effectively, and feel purpose-aligned with their team and company. Defining questions of our time:

• How might we find meaning and create positive impact in our work and communities — regardless of the challenges the world throws our way?

• How might individuals make a bigger impact towards business growth and success?

• How might companies modernize org design so we can each do our best work because we love it?

*Corresponding interactive breakout sessions and workshops available topics.

Real Talk on Recruiting + Retaining Top Talent

The real reason behind all of the latest workplace trends — from Great Resignations and quiet Quitting to the next workplace trend or social media phenomenon – how we can get beyond the buzzwords to the root of workplace issues. Employees are self-selecting and “speaking with their feet” in search of more than just a paycheck. While the way we work keeps shifting between in-person, remote, and hybrid, employees are jumping ship or checking out for their own reasons.

The workplace trends we’ve been experiencing all stem from systemic issues that make one thing clear — the way we work just isn’t working anymore. As leaders, we need to understand what’s really at the core beyond pay or a big benefit package.

In this session, Jenn will uncover what’s needed inside every culture to attract and retain top talent and how to create environments where people can do their best work. She’ll also share post-2020 examples of how companies can build cultures that keep employees coming back, showing up fully, and performing their best. How can we:

• Evolve transactional relationships into meaningful ones by creating triple wins (benefitting yourself, your teams, and the community at large at the same time)?

• Create organizations that treat people as assets, not expenses?

• Strategize for long-term (not just short-term) gain?

*Corresponding interactive breakout sessions and workshops available.

What's Beyond Happiness

Since the world hit reset in 2020, people have been asking:

• How do I prioritize and live every day by doing the things most important to me?

• Am I living an authentic life that’s true to myself and not what others expect of me?

• How do I know if I’m spending the minutes of my day meaningfully?

Whether you lead a company, teams, or your own work/life, it’s time to get to the core of who you are, live the purposeful life you want, and ripple your impact to people in your business and beyond. In this session, Jenn shares why it’s time to reframe happiness, the role that life’s highs and lows play, and how we’re more resilient when we live with happiness and humanity. She’ll define what it means to take care of your greenhouse as you grow others and explain the new concept of the Double ROI — Return on Investment and Ripple of Impact. When we apply the learnings from Beyond Happiness, we wake up knowing, regardless of what bad news might be in the headlines that day, that we’re grounded in our internal worlds. That we’re putting our time and talents to the best use in service of ourselves and everyone we touch in our ecosystems.

*Corresponding interactive breakout sessions and workshops available.

What's In It For Me? What's In It For All?

How people think, say, and DO with alignment and belonging. It’s no secret that core values are essential to culture and success. The majority of companies have defined their values. But do those values still ring true and represent the company you are today? Do your employees align and actually live these values daily? And, are your values leading up to a purpose that drives your company’s success?

In this session, Jenn will share the significant impact teams experience when individuals define their personal values and ladder those up to the organizational values. She’ll share her values journey from life BC (Before Covid) to life AC (After Covid) and how those values may have changed. When we know our values — and how to LIVE them — we realize how our decisions impact our lives and the organization as a whole, for better or worse. How can we simultaneously answer:

• What are the ways we can imbed and live purpose + values so they’re not meaningless words on the wall?

• What’s in it for ME?

• What’s in it for ALL? (teams, customers, and our ecosystem)

*Corresponding interactive breakout sessions and workshops available.

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