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James Woudhuysen
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How to predict the future in relation to consumers, business and government


How to understand the future of IT from a demand-side, social perspective – not just the supply-side perspective of technologies (though that's included)

The workplace

The big changes are not in design or IT, but in HR


James looks at all aspects of innovation – globalisation, technology, design, psychology, social priorities, regulation


Demystifiying a subject particularly beset by myths

Public sector

Just what is it about government work that leads to syndromes with which we're all so familiar


After 30 years writing and consulting about design, here's the goods – without the froth


Computer games, sport, gambling, performing arts, theme parks, adventure holidays: James gets underneath the boom in play, and also asks why such a lot of it is going on at work nowadays

Construction and cities

Construction remains backward, while cities all around the world are exploding in size and population. What to do?


All over the West, and in parts of China and India, there's been a housing boom. Yet if fears also run high, it's too early to panic


Anthropogenic climate change is a fact. But debate about how to deal with it must always remain open – and rational, too

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James Woudhuysen

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