Hal Runkel

Hal Runkel is quickly becoming America's new expert on human relationships.A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, relationship coach and extremely popular keynote speaker, Hal is the visionary founder and president of ScreamFree Living, Inc., the organization that is calming the world, one relationship at a time. Hal's newest book, ScreamFree Parenting: Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool, was released in hardback internationally by both Broadway Books (secular) and Waterbrook Press (Christian) in September 2007. It attained New York Times bestseller status during its debut week. Married for 14 years, Hal Runkel and his wife have two children, a boy and a girl. As both a husband and a father, Hal practices at home what he's preached to many thousands of families everywhere: the ScreamFree approach to relationships.Hal, with an impressive academic and social science background, has taken the most advanced approaches to relationship theory and, through thousands of hours of family therapy, organizational consulting and professional coaching in organizations, churches, family businesses and schools, has developed the revolutionary ScreamFree Living methodology to truly revolutionize relationships. Hal Runkel now presents the ScreamFree relationship programs including ScreamFree Parenting, ScreamFree Marriage, ScreamFree Leadership and others to audiences nationwide through live presentations, teleconferences, Web seminars, newsletters and training classes.He has presented workshops and talks on various subjects at regional, national and international conferences, as well as a variety of church/community settings. Subjects include: organizational dynamics, addictive behaviors, parenting & marriage, anger management, psychological and human systems assessment, and small group and team processes. He's spoken in corporate environments to clients such as Chick-fil-A and RJ Griffin, to clinical professional organizations such as Association for Marriage & Family Therapy annual conferences and pediatrician groups. Hal has spoken to PTA groups, church and community groups, bookstores and other leading organizations, and is now represented by Premiere Speakers Bureau.Seen by millions on NBC's The Today Show (five guest appearances), iVillage Live (NBC) and CW's nationally syndicated The Daily Buzz, Hal is the founder and president of ScreamFree Living, Inc., as well as multiple newspapers and magazines nationwide. He travels coast-to-coast sharing his ScreamFree relationship programs with audiences using teleconferences, web seminars, newsletters, training classes, and the book series.Hal is a member of the Family Firm Institute, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Before starting ScreamFree Living, Inc., Hal had a thriving therapy practice and also served as director of education for Covenant Counseling Institute in Snellville, Georgia.The Houston native and Greater Atlanta resident earned his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT) in August 2000 from Abilene Christian University. His M.S. in Theological Studies was awarded in 1998.
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ScreamFree Parenting

Five Truths Every Parent Needs to Know

Every parent wants a more peaceful home. And a little respect & appreciation wouldn’t hurt, either. We also crave something deeper: We want to feel confident we’re doing a good job and feel capable to handle any parenting challenge. All of that is possible, even probable, when a parent decides to become ScreamFree. Moving beyond child-centered, technique-based approaches, the ScreamFree mindset compels us to focus on controlling ourselves, instead of our kids. By staying both calm and connected with our kids, we begin to operate less out of our deepest fears (which always backfires) and more out of our highest principles. With his laugh-out-loud, self-deprecating style Hal has delivered this, his landmark program based on his NYT Bestseller, to thousands throughout the US and around the world.

The 7 Deadly Sins of the 21st Century

Immediacy. Consumerism. Multimediocrity. Sitting. These are but a few of the modern maladies of the human spirit. In the name of more speed, more stuff, and more comfort, we are killing ourselves to be happy. In this revolutionary look at contemporary life, Hal leads us to “confession,” helping us all to repent of our craziness and return to our deepest desires for peace, connection, and sustainability.

The Lifelong Marriage Mindset

Six Keys to Creating a Romance that Lasts

Building a lifelong romance is a universal dream, but the realities of marriage can make that dream so difficult to come true. What we need is a radical new Lifelong Marriage Mindset, focused on uncovering the common lies about marriage, and replacing those with the truths that simply make more sense. Combining timeless principles, the foremost clinical research, and a LOL-speaking style, Hal presents a vision for intimate relationships unlike most everything you’ve ever heard. Based on his remarkable book, ScreamFree Marriage, this Mindset is not built on “fighting fair,” or “meeting one another’s needs,” or “becoming more compatible.” None of these can truly help you grow as a person or improve your marriage. A Lifelong Marriage begins with focusing on individual self-respect, championing your own personal growth as the key to intimacy. That way, your marriage can actually be a celebration of the differences between you and your spouse, building a foundation for a romance that lasts.

The ScreamFree Workplace

Creating a Culture of Adult Humans in a World of Reactive Lizards

When coworkers trust, respect, and even enjoy one another, their workplace not only becomes more peaceful, it becomes more productive. The ScreamFree Workplace is eye-opening, practical, and presented in a LOL, interactive environment, this workshop will help you transform your office into a place of calm cohesion and peaceful productivity. Whether you’re the newest member of the team just trying to fit in, or the senior leader charged with creating a cultural change, The ScreamFree Workplace will give you the tools and principles and inspiration you need to end division, manage conflict, and lead your office into a newfound harmony.

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Hal Runkel

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