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Through his work at Fortune, Geoff Colvin has seen top business leaders up close. Over the years, he’s gotten to know many of those leaders well. Watching them and talking with them has revealed eye-opening insights into how they cope with change, wrestle with transforming their companies, and face the economic, competitive, technological, and political forces buffeting their businesses. Geoff unpacks their stories in this talk uniquely crafted for each audience, showing relevant lessons learned from leaders and companies we all know. The talk can focus on several themes:

• The crucial process of making tough decisions
• Finding and keeping great employees
• Navigating regulatory uncertainty
• Adopting new technology
• Managing in a crisis
• Leading cultural change


When change comes at us from every direction, it can feel like our only option is to play defense. “Not so,” says Geoff Colvin of Fortune. “The best leaders I’ve reported on have found ways to embrace a world of continuous disruption and build a powerful competitive advantage in the process.” Geoff is optimistic about the future as he unpacks step-by-step how we can all respond faster to change and even get ahead of it as individuals, teams, and enterprises. Geoff provides actionable takeaways to help leaders face change smarter:

• What the best leaders and companies are doing right now to create the future
• Why confronting reality faster is the key to seizing new opportunities
• Biggest pandemic lessons for business
• Scenario planning: surviving bad times begins with better decisions in good times
• 3 best ways to lead during crisis and disruption
• Creativity and innovation – how to unleash it individually and organizationally


Brace yourself: In 2022, 94% of CEOs said their company’s business model will have to change in the next three years! More important: The majority of them also feel they aren’t making progress fast enough. Business model innovation has become a must-have competence for all companies. That’s a problem for those that are unprepared but a huge opportunity for the rest. Geoff Colvin identifies the inescapable forces that are rendering reliable old business models obsolete and shows how companies of any size in any industry can – and must – rise to the challenge. Geoff reveals: • Inspiring examples of companies transforming their business model and winning • Key trends driving the need for business model change • How to just do it: Stop protecting yesterday and start creating the future • The secrets to becoming a business model innovator • How to adapt to a friction-free economy and create outsized opportunities • Why human capital is the most valuable kind and how to make the most of it


Global turmoil has roiled an already fragile economic order in ways that are still unfolding. At Fortune, Geoff tells the economic story in terms that focus on the risks and opportunities. Business people already know the numbers – what they might miss is the big picture; the forces driving the trends causing disruptive change in their world and, most importantly, what to do about it. In this presentation, the economy isn’t a bunch of statistics; it’s a story that Geoff tells engagingly, humorously, and memorably with valuable takeaways because, as he says, “Even in tough times, somebody’s going to win, why not you?” Geoff covers: • Why, even in times like this, it’s vital to remain optimistic • The latest data and trends curated for the audience/industry he’s addressing • A plain-spoken explanation of what’s going on now – on Main Street, Wall Street, in Washington, and globally. • How successful companies are winning in this economy

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