Don Newman | Political and Economic Analyst, Award-Winning Journalist and Broadcaster

Don Newman

Political and Economic Analyst, Award-Winning Journalist and Broadcaster

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Don Newman

Don Newman is a dynamic speaker and skilled communicator, a leading political and economic analyst, and an award-winning broadcaster and journalist.
His career in journalism spanned four decades, culminating as Senior Parliamentary Editor of CBC Television News and anchor of a daily political program as well as live news and special event broadcasts, on the 24/7 news channel he helped to launch. He reported from both Canada and the United States. His career memoir "Welcome to the Broadcast," published by HarperCollins in 2013, is a political history of our times.

He is now Chairman of the think tank Canada 2020, offering policy solutions for the future, consults in political and economic affairs, and speaks to senior leaders in business and government.

A member of the Order of Canada, Canada's highest civilian honour, he is also a recipient of the Canadian Screen Award for life achievement in public affairs broadcasting, and awards from the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery and the Public Policy Forum.

Don Newman
Featured Keynote Programs

The Political Landscape
Parties, Policies and Personalities in Canadian Election Year 2015

Don Newman lays out the various factors that will shape Canada’s federal election and how it will affect its dealings with the United States. Newman is a leading political consultant and government affairs specialist.

Insights with Don Newman

Insights into the latest political and economic developments, and likely outcomes going forward, Don Newman shares his depth of knowledge acquired over his many years as a leading journalist and broadcaster. He brings candor and humor to his presentations, sharing personal anecdotes of meeting and interviewing some of

I Have a Plan

As Chair of the think tank Canada 2020, Don Newman is at the forefront of the future. His presentations will help raise the level of awareness and debate about the role of government in key areas of income, health, energy, environment and innovation.

Welcome to the Broadcast

Don Newman greeted viewers for decades with his famous phrase ‘welcome to the broadcast’ and title for his recent career memore. His experience over 40 years in Canadian and international affairs provides perspective on our history and Canada’s place in the world.

Don Newman
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Don Newman

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