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Freddie Scott

Former NCAA / NFL athlete, Author of "The Dad I Wish I Had"

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Nashville, TN, United States
About Freddie Scott

Freddie's presence is calm, safe, magnetic, and inspiring. He thrives on the connection he creates with his clients and shares profound, yet simple insights to help them grow.

"I love to build people and help them wolf? more confidently in their leadership." Freddie has a knack for helping people identify their gifts and connecting these gifts to their purpose."

Freddie speaks and teaches on such topics as leadership, healthy relationships, character development, personal growth, and parenting ...

Freddie's presentation was straight to the point regarding the problems in many homes today. Examples given in his presentation would be beneficial for troubled marriages, and families in crisis.

Reggie Holmes, President NFLPA Former Players Detroit Chapter - NFLPA

I believe it's the first time I've ever heard a group ask to stay and continue working with Freddie versus going to their next session! The information he provided was relevant, practical, and his presentation style was very engaging.

Ron Brewer, Assistant Director of Leadership Development - NCAA

Freddie is an amazing speaker on the topic of transition and he is doing great things with current and former NFL players.

Reggie Smith - NFLPA Former Players, Chicago Chapter

Freddie is a rare blend of ministry and Athletics. I strongly recommend Freddie as a speaker who can effectively reach people through his life experience of playing in the NFL and ministry. He truly has a passion to change lives.

Hajj Flemings CNN Subject Matter Expert - CNN's Black In America 4/Digital Brand Strategist

To watch this young man presenting his message to hundreds of men and youth is a rewarding experience. With the perseverance, focus and passion that Freddie demonstrates in his work, families will be enriched and have no alternative but to become better.

Signa Oliver, Human Resources Executive - Word of Faith Christian Center - Alabama

Freddie has been an amazing ambassador as a spokesman for All Pro Dad. He has traveled thousands of miles to speak at our football-themed community events with teams across the country.

Darrin Gray, All Pro Dad - Director of Partner Development
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