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I loved how you defined VISUAL LITERACY and how it relates to our standards. It's definitely something I intend to define for our parents. I loved this workshop; you were so respectful to us and moved at an excellent pace (usually unheard of).
Kristy M., 4th grade teacher - Bradley Hills Elementary School
This is a valuable professional development activity.
Brenda G., Staff Development teacher - Cabin Johns Middle School
This process makes sense and flows logically . . . it was a non-threatening experience so I rose to the challenge. I enjoyed the experience, learned a lot , and will put my new knowledge to practical use
Cherin O., 1st grade teacher - South Lake Elementary School
This opens a whole new world of ideas for me.
Bernadette W., Preschool & Intensive Needs teacher - Jackson Road Elementary School
Made sense and very logical. I was challenged because I had no background knowledge in filming and production. Working with the camera and learning the process of storyboarding was helpful. The entire workshop was wonderful and well thought out.
Sascha S., 2nd grade teacher - South Lake Elementary School
. . . it was very well presented and enjoyable. Frank was super fantastic, a natural teacher, excellent, professional, and well qualified.
Darlene N. - Strathmore Elementary School
The workshop was surprising and hands-on. We were put in the role a student would be and felt some of the same anxiety . . . this was really exciting and helpful.
Joanna G. - English & TV production Kennedy High School
I did not have any prior experience. I was challenged and it was much fun! The workshop opens the mind and shows a new motivational tool to engage students in the learning process.
Irene A., ESOL teacher - Springbrook High School