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Felipe Gomez

Devout pianist, renowned peak performance and entrepreneurial mindset expert

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Atlanta, GA
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With more than 1,000 performances in 23 countries, Felipe has dazzled audiences at corporate events, association conventions, and global leadership conferences. His bold ideas, flawless delivery, and thought-provoking sessions consistently bring audiences to their feet in spirited standing ovations. He is the author of the best-selling book, Attitude-E: The Method for Being Entrepreneurial and Fulfilling Your Dreams. He also hosts "Thinking Out Loud," a weekly interview program with global ...

You really managed to inspire me based on a topic and concept I've heard so many times before. Great! But to know something is one part. To really do and live it the other one. Thank you for sharing parts of your life story.

Your passion, energy, resilience, motivation and openness is exactly what the youth in this country/world needs. Therefore I would really like you to get engaged with our membership and enrich the development of future leaders in our organization."

Jennifer Joyce - AIESEC

"Felipe is provocative, comprehensive and sensitive to his audiences' concerns. He touches a chord and makes an impact. Walk away inspired and energized!"

Sean Meehan

“Felipe Gomez is a dynamic speaker who enthralls audiences with his powerful messages.He is funny and creative, and has a great capacity to use multi-media to enliven his presentations."

Bill George, Author - Harvard Business School

“We all left inspired and with a huge smile. Could not think of a better ending for our meeting"

Elsa Botero - Microsoft

"Although I aknowledge that your presentation is relevant to any organization, it would have been very difficult for us to find a better match to our specific needs. I appreciate your time and the energy with which you delivered your keynote. I truly congratulate you for the quality of your presentation”

Alvaro Merino, CEO - IBM Colombia

You are an amazing and inspirational person and everyone should have a Felipe in their lives to keep them grounded and real!!!

Ron Aghassi - Prodigy Network
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