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Evan Robb

Evan Robb mindset, ten minute principal, principal Evan Robb mindset, ten minute principal, principal

Evan Robb Bio

Evan Robb is a building-level principal, author, TEDx Speaker, and recently named one of the 10 most inspiring global thought leaders for 2020. Evan offers inspirational keynotes, workshops, webinars, and on-going professional learning opportunities on leadership, mindset, culture, impactful change, and how to improve literacy in schools. Evan has shared his ideas with thousands of educators at workshops across the United States and in other countries.

An author of several books, his first book, The Principal's Leadership Sourcebook: Practices, Tools, and Strategies for Building a Thriving School Community was published by Scholastic in 2007. His next book, The Ten- Minute Principal: Free Up Your Time to Focus on Leadership , was published by Corwin Press in 2019. Evan Robb and Laura Robb collaborated with Dave Burgess Publishing to write Team Makers:Positively Impacting the Lives of Children Through District-Wide Dreaming, Collaborating, and Change (2019) . In addition, Evan partnered with Laura Robb to write, A School Full of Readers: Tools for Teachers, Coaches, and Leaders to Support Students, with Benchmark Education (2020). Committed to empowering educational leaders and teachers to prepare students for their futures, not their past.

Connect with Evan on Twitter @ERobbPrincipal