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Erin Gruwell: TEDx: Becoming a Catalyst for Change
Erin Gruwell: What Storytellers Do
Erin Gruwell: Freedom Writers Documentary Screening
Erin Gruwell: Freedom Writers Podcast

Erin Gruwell

Educator and Founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation

About Erin Gruwell

Erin Gruwell is a teacher, author, and activist who has been fighting for social justice for over two decades. She first gained national attention in 1998 when she and her 150 students appeared on an ABC special–PrimeTime Live–with Connie Chung.

Erin's students - affectionately called the Freedom Writers - came from backgrounds of poverty, gangs, and violence, and many were at-risk of dropping out of school due to the school-to-prison pipeline. But, under Erin's guidance, all ...

"Erin Gruwell was very inspirational....I loved listening to her story and how she has
positively changed the lives of so many people. Not only has she changed the lives of 150
students but also many others as it definitely has had a ripple effect....and that ripple effect
continues on and on. I feel honoured to have heard her story in was fabulous and
very touching."
"Erin's presentation hit home for me."
"Erin Gruwell's presentation was so emotionally moving."

The Dalai Lama Center (Heart-Mind Conference 2014)

"Erin Gruwell absolutely brought the house down. The feedback was universally positive, starting with a standing ovation after the introduction of her and followed by a standing ovation at the conclusion of her remarks. I'd say it was a success."

Quebec English School Boards Association

I cannot tell you how fantastic Erin Gruwell was! She will be remembered as one of our top speakers in the 12-year history of this series. She packed the lecture theater, connected with the audience so effectively and students stood up and talked about their struggles academically in trying to earn their degree. She was encouraging and inspiring. WE LOVED HER! Then, Erin sat and talked to student after student for an additional nearly two hours, connecting with each one in a way that I know each individual will remember. She has amazing stamina, grace and chutzpah. We need her voice in education. Thank you for sending Erin our way!

Delta College

Erin got two standing ovations - she was fabulous and everyone at the event was raving about her and her story. Erin is such a gracious and lovely person. We all had a great time.

North Texas Area United Way, Power of the Purse
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