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Celebrating 'Patriotism', believing in the 'American Worker', and honoring our 'American Heroes': this is not the mantra of a political party or a candidate for higher office. These principles are the ethos of Authentically American; a Veteran owned, American made, premium apparel brand that is capturing the attention of national media outlets like Fox & Friends, Forbes Magazine, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Newsmax TV, and SiriusXM Radio. This stimulating keynote presentation will demonstrate how 'America-First' Leadership is a winning and sustainable business model.

Duffy White Program Chair - Hendersonville Rotary Club

Dean and I have done a few appearances together and he is inspiring when he speaks. Dean is very well spoken and always on point, you can't go wrong booking Dean for your event!

Darrell Waltrip - Nascar Hall of Fame

We had the pleasure of bringing Dean Wegner in as a keynote speaker at the first Made in America trade show. His positive energy and ability to share his story of achieving the American dream was inspirational and engaging! Dean offers a great stage presence and is able to connect and resonate with his audience, while living his message on the importance of purchasing the American made brand. I am most grateful for his expertise and the job he did for us.

Don Buckner Founder and CEO -

After hearing Mr. Wegner speak to an audience or speaking with him one on one you always leave feeling more optimistic and motivated then when you came in. I have always enjoyed having Mr. Wegner participate in any event I put on in the past, and he will most assuredly be a part of many more of my conferences to come.

Michael McDonald Executive Director - SPESA

Dean engages his audience on a level not many people can. Not only is his timing perfect, but he provides the audience something meaningful and practical that they can take with them. In a short period of time, Dean is able to connect individually and as a whole (group) to remind us that we are still a nation of able bodied and proud Americans capable of finding our passion and chasing our dreams.

Valerie Clarke Past President - Franklin Rotary Club

Dean spoke to Friends of Finance at the University of Tulsa, a room of 300+ business professionals predominately from the financial community. Dean was upbeat and engaging. His enthusiasm, personal story and pro-American message resonated with the audience. Everyone left with a bit of his positivity having rubbed off on them.

Roberta Preston President of the Board of Directors - Friends of Finance, University of Tulsa