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Daniel Kish



Totally blind, Daniel taught himself a new way to see. Through World Access For The Blind, he teaches individuals, educators and Fortune 500s a new way to see through everyday challenges. Voted one of the top 10 speakers at TED2015 and PopTech's 'Talk Of The Day,' and featured in over 150 major publications and broadcasts reaching ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

TED: How I Use Sonar to Navigate The World
TEDx: Teaching the blind to navigate the world using tongue clicks
12 Years of Daniel Kish
Blind Vision
Blindness No Obstacle
Speech Topics
  • Blind Vision

    Daniel tells the story of how restriction, limitation, lack of freedom, and fear can cripple people with sight and ... View More

  • Sample Presentation and Workshop Topics

    Among the many monikers bestowed on him, Daniel refers to himself as an activational presenter, because his audiences ... View More

  • Activating Creativity and Positive Transformation: Lessons learned from blind people who have learned to see.

    Creativity can be defined as bringing something new or distinctive into being. Positive transformation can be defined ... View More

  • Dynamic Network Navigating: The Step Beyond Action Is Interaction

    Seeing is freeing. It is the drive for personal freedom to understand the world around us and our place in it that lies ... View More

Text Reviews
  • This is just a small, belated note to THANK YOU, again, for your participation in PopTech this year. I heard nothing but great things about your talk and I hope you enjoyed the experience of being with us in Camden.
  • Andrew, Director - PopTech
  • Thank you for an extraordinary talk. You've got an amazingly compelling way of speaking—curiosity and intelligence and interest oozing out of every phrase that you utter. It's so listenable to!
  • Chris, CEO - TED
  • I am inspired by your continued contribution to the fulfillment of others. You are truly a dream maker and providing a lasting contribution to the success and happiness of those you serve.
  • Gene, Executive Director - Washington Student Achievement Council

Daniel's Blog

WAFTB is proud to announce that "KISH", a film profile ofWorld Access for the BlindLead Founder and President Daniel Kish, has ...

World Access for the Blind |...
"It's impressions about blindness that are far more threatening to blind people than the blindness itself.Think for a momen...

TED Talk: How I Navigate the World...
"Impressions about blindness are far more threatening to blind people than blindness itself.";

A Walk With Daniel Kish, Who...
Written by Kate Torgovnick May: Daniel Kish glides a white cane over the marble floor of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. He'...

Meet the eyeless man who says he can...
With both eyes lost to cancer when he was just a toddler, you would expect Daniel Kish to be as blind as a person can get. ...

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