Curtis Zimmerman | Empowering Individuals and Organizations to Write New Scripts for Their Lives and Their Work.

Curtis Zimmerman

Empowering Individuals and Organizations to Write New Scripts for Their Lives and Their Work.

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Curtis Zimmerman
Featured Keynote Programs

Living Life at Performance Level (TM)

This nationally recognized keynote transforms organizations by inspiring individuals to live their life at a higher level of performance. Living Life at Performance Level is a dynamic, experiential program which hands participants tools to ignite their ultimate potential. Curtis engages his audiences with juggling, “Simon Says”, and fire eating, utilizing his performance expertise to demonstrate his key concepts and make his message memorable. His 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry inspires the metaphor for Living Life at Performance Level™.

Key Concepts

Be The Director: Create a life of relevance and accountability.

Write Your Script: Take risks, fail successfully and unleash limitations by focusing on new scripts not just re-reading old ones.

Define Your Character: Make character-driven decisions.

Cast Your Show Wisely: Choose positive influences and cut out those which bring you down. Be a star in others’ lives.

Be A Star In Your Life: Be a leader, be responsible, be authentic, and be a catalyst for change. Empowered individuals build cohesive, productive companies with forward momentum and Living Life at Performance Level™ will transform perspective to create lasting outcomes.

Participants will:

  • be accountable
  • transform their way of thinking
  • increase awareness of themselves and others
  • take responsibility for their actions
  • make character-driven decisions
  • be more productive
  • be encouraged to take risks in their thoughts and actions
  • communicate effectively and handle conflict creatively
  • be empowered with new leadership skills
  • develop a new attitude and outlook
  • understand the value of collaboration and teamwork
  • be entertained and educated

Speak! at Performance Level (TM)

Maximize your speaking potential and benefit from Curtis’ 25 years of experience as a stage performer and speaker. Having done literally thousands of presentations across the U.S. and the world, Curtis will give the participants the tips, techniques, and instructions to improve their business presentation skills.

Curtis will help individuals to:

  • Be more comfortable speaking in front of an audience
  • Polish your speaking skills
  • Incorporate interactivity into your presentation
  • Build stage presence
  • Impact an audience

The Magic of Leadership (TM)

This workshop allows individuals to identify and take ownership of their leadership “magic” while challenging them to cultivate new skills. They will learn to develop their leadership skills regardless of what role they play within an organization.

Curtis shows that “the magic we possess only works when we give it away” helping individuals to: 

  • Determine what type of leader they are 
  • Modify behavior for optimal performance
  • Recognize moments of leadership 
  • Understand the responsibilities incumbent upon successful leaders
  • Hone intuition and self-awareness

Performance Level Teams

Curtis adeptly leads groups through a series of proven exercises that stress essential components of leadership and management. This workshop requires each participant to be accountable while also relying on others to achieve overall success.

Curtis will:

  • Turn passive listeners into active participants
  • Offer proven strategies to put into immediate practice
  • Activate accountability
  • Improve communication
  • Build cohesive, effective teams

Performance Level Goal Setting

Be the Director of your life by turning your dreams into attainable goals in this effective 5 step course. Curtis’ workshop will guide participants through an in-depth process of reflecting on where they’ve been, affirming where they are, focusing on where they want to go and how to get there.

Accompanied by an easy to follow workbook helping individuals to:

  • assess and focus on what is really important in life
  • identify and define life dreams
  • establish positive, detailed goals
  • create action steps to achieve these goals
  • incorporate goals into their daily routine and life plan

Writing New Scripts - how our beliefs lead us

Recognizing what we believe and how we came to those beliefs, we grow to better understand ourselves and the world around us; and this is the starting gate to realizing our potential. It is our beliefs that guide us, motivate us, create the scripts we live by, and help make our decisions everyday.

Examining what we believe and why we believe it will help individuals to:

  • Write new life scripts
  • Be more productive at work and at home
  • Fulfill their goals and dreams
  • Effect growth and change in an organization
  • Live a life filled with passion and purpose
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Curtis Zimmerman

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