How Zak Morgan Followed His Passion and Teaches Kids to Believe in Themselves

How do you find your passion, keep evolving, make a pivot in a pandemic--and delight your audience along the way?

My latest guest on The Next 24 Hours podcast has been called a combination of Mr. Rogers and Shel Silverstein, and he's going to share how he's done all of the above.

Meet Zak Morgan, a Grammy-nominated children’s musician--but forget everything you know about children’s music.

His interactive live performances are led with warmth, wordplay, laughter, and positive messages as he encourages children to read, imagine and believe in themselves.

I met Zak twenty years ago, and ever since then, he has been a colleague, friend and the constant soundtrack to our family's road trips--especially when my three children were little!

(Speaking of which, if you have kids in your life--or even if you yourself appreciate whimsical, fun music, check Zak out here!)

And tune into my conversation with him to hear.

    • The traumatic event that led to mine and Zak's relationship
    • What Zak does differently than other artists when it comes to writing for kids
    • How to keep moving forward even when your family doesn't approve
    • How to create a career based on what you love
    • How to keep what you do relevant and fresh
    • How to keep your ego from getting in the way
    • The difference between using something as a crutch and using it as a tool
    • Why you should celebrate your competitors
    • The power of authenticity

I can't wait for you to hear from him, learn from him and be inspired by him.

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Artwork by C.F. Payne

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