Why McDonald's Was Uniquely Positioned to Succeed in the Pandemic

How do you react when everything changes?

Are you able to see opportunity and find purpose within the changes that are taking place, or do you find yourself becoming frustrated or complacent?

And have you ever considered that those changes, as difficult as they may be, are crucial for your growth as a person, as a professional or as a business?

McDonald’s is an incredible example of the power of embracing change and growth before it becomes necessary. They were building out the Restaurant of the Future and innovations in online ordering and pickup long before any of us had even heard the word “COVID-19.”

I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants for the past few years, and I was so curious to hear an insider’s perspective on the rapid change that McDonald’s has undergone recently.

My guest on episode #57 of The Next 24 Hours is Stacy Vorhees, and she's the owner/operator of four McDonald's restaurants. She’s also an inspirational example of turning crisis into connection and pain points into purpose.

How she has led during the pandemic is truly inspiring.

On this episode, you'll get to hear:

  • The key to dream-casting and goal setting
  • How to push past complacency
  • How Stacy makes genuine connections with customers in spite of COVID restrictions
  • What you need to know about staying relevant and meeting the needs of the consumer
  • Why we need to stop saying that we're "busy"
  • A mindset for life balance and overcoming guilt
  • The power of anticipating change before it happens
  • A strategy for pushing out positive stories rather than negative ones

Whatever you thought about McDonald's going into this podcast, Stacy is going to give you a new perspective on why their business model is such a success (especially in the midst of the pandemic), and how you can embrace passion and purpose in your own life and business, too.

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