Vicki Hitzges | Vicki Hitzges Builds Your People So You Can Build Your Business, Author of "Attitude is Everything"

Vicki Hitzges

Vicki Hitzges Builds Your People So You Can Build Your Business, Author of "Attitude is Everything"

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Vicki Hitzges

A trailblazing broadcast journalist with a dynamic career, Vicki brings captivating storytelling, humor, and energy to her presentations, which makes her a sought-after speaker worldwide. 

Vicki was the first woman and youngest person to hold the title of Dallas Bureau Chief at KTVT in Dallas, at the time, the largest, independent TV station in the nation. She also anchored the news for the NBC affiliate (KRIS) in Corpus Christi, Texas where she won the prestigious Headliner Award from the National Press Club.

Back in Dallas, she co-hosted the popular Dallas Cowboy's weekly TV show, Special Edition, before becoming a publicist. In that role, her clients included the world's top motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. Impressed with her creativity, Ziglar invited Vicki to be one of the few speakers he would personally mentor.  You’ll find that training combined with her natural story-telling skills will benefit YOU!

Vicki captivates audiences with enthralling stories, dry humor, and carbonated energy-- never Power Point.  Her rich content combined with her entertaining style make her an in-demand speaker for meeting planners who need a proven, strong message about how to deal with people, pressure, and the temptation to procrastinate at work.

Publications ranging from Entrepreneur magazine to the Chicago Tribune to the Dallas Morning News seek her guidance. Even the British Broadcasting Corporation’s frustrated hosts called her for motivational advice for their soccer team, Manchester United. (After the call, the famed soccer team won!)

Vicki holds a Certified Speaking Professional designation - an earned title given to less than 10% of speakers internationally and only a few hundred women.

She's authored two books, the first of which sold out the first day it was on the market. Now in multiple printings, it's sold around the world. That book, Attitude is Everything - 10 Steps to Staying Positive, sells strongly as does her second book, Stuck on Stop - How to Quit Procrastinating.
She's single. Has a strong faith. And she divides her time between eating too much Rocky Road and torturing herself by not eating anything to make up for it.

Vicki Hitzges
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Vicki Hitzges
Featured Keynote Programs

Baby, Take Off Your Stress - You Can Leave Your Hat On

One man summed it up: "Almost every day at work something happens that makes me disgruntled. Just once I'd like to spend a full eight hours at work gruntled."

In this high-energy presentation, your group will learn three causes of stress, five ways to beat stress, plus eight funky ways to wipe stress out! Great keynote or breakout. Very interactive.

Jazz 'em Up -- Turn 'em Loose (How to Get & Keep Employees Motivated)

Recharge the troops after your managers learn effective ways to motivate employees. Supervisors will hear specific, creative techniques other successful managers currently use to motivate their people. Humorous, fun, filled with excellent information!

Do It! How to Stop Procrastinating

Based on Vicki’s fast-selling book, Stuck On Stop-How to Quit Procrastinating, this presentation will get your people thinking; laughing; and shifting out of “Park” and into gear!
It’s filled with a-ha’s, motivation, laughs. and life-changing, practical tips.

Put Away the Lawnmower, Charlie, Those Are TREES Out There

Your people will take away vital skills to build strong teams and forge winning customer relationships. They’ll learn: How to make a positive first impression. How to listen. How to encourage others. How to stay positive. VERY popular keynote!  Fun and interactive.

Vicki Hitzges
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Vicki Hitzges
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Studio Interview with Brian Lord. Vicki speaks across the U.S. and has spoken as far away as Qatar, New Zealand, Panama and Thailand. She's addressed banks,...
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Vicki Hitzges

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