Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel fundraising, Faith Fundraising, Evangelism & Outreach, faith, Men's Ministries Lee Strobel fundraising, Faith Fundraising, Evangelism & Outreach, faith, Men's Ministries

Lee Strobel Text Reviews

Lee was very personable and real! He did a great job of weaving our mission into his message. Our audience was inspired to give and were hungry for more!

Shannon Powell - Life Choices Dyersburg

We were thrilled with having Lee Strobel as the keynote speaker for our Bibles for Beach Club Benefit Dinner. He not only came prepared to deliver a powerful message about his well known past but also took the time to become familiar with our organization and beautifully delivered the key message points which greatly helped us exceed our fundraising goals for the evening. In 11 years of ministry, it was our top fundraiser to date!

Dave Crome, VP of Marketing & Communications - KiDs Beach Club

Amazing, awesome and every bit what we thought. We are so happy. He weaved our mission into his speech, which was great. A wonderful evening with a great man. I only have praise for him. We had no idea he would bring in so many people!

Debbie Shupp - The POINT Ministry

Lee was thoughtful, thorough and engaging. He did a tremendous job leading the attendees in logical ways to believe in and present the gospel. Your attendees will not be disappointed and the gospel will advance as a result.

Wendell Brown, Senior Pastor - Tragedy Into Triumph

Lee is the real deal and very warm and down to earth. Lee's content was spot on for pregnancy centers, with a very strong and positive ask at the end and a talk which tied in well with Gateway and our ministry. He is intuitive to the crowd and I believe they genuinely connected to him and vice versa. As far as fundraising banquets go, this has been our biggest attendance in recent years and our most successful financially.

Wendy Bonano, Executive Director - Gateway

Lee was AMAZING! Excellent talk! I highly recommend Lee Strobel as a speaker for Life!

Sylvia Johnson - Houston Pregnancy Help Center

Lee was a delight! His speech was compelling at the banquet as well as at the pastor's prayer breakfast. He was charming and engaged at the meet and greet. Our preliminary results are VERY good and have already far exceeded our goal. He was so easy to work with and by far my favorite guest to date. I will be highly recommending him to other centers.

Jamie Brown - A Women's Pregnancy Center

Lee delivered an amazing talk. I so appreciated how such an accomplished ministry leader and author did not come across pretentiously but was humble and genuine. He was spot on with his talk and especially with the emcee interview afterward.

Ron Hunter, Executive Director & CEO - Randall House and D6 Ministries

Lee Strobel was amazing! We had many comments about how wonderful he was! He was funny, informative and even helped encourage giving! His message was pro-life and evangelical. We had one Table Host say that one of her guests came pro-choice. She left pro-life. That may say it all!

Paulette Huff, Assistant to Director - Mid Cities Pregnancy Center

Lee Strobel was our guest speaker for our annual banquet and he was amazing. I can't say enough good things about Mr. Strobel. He was SO good to work with and brought such a funny and powerful message. He is the kind of speaker that incorporates YOUR message in his and that is a rare find. He seemed to care deeply about our success. EVERYONE loved him. I would highly recommend him. He is a true professional and a powerful speaker.

Glenda Scott, Development DIrector - New Covenant Academy