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February 22, 2020

I'd rather be known for saving babies than winning Super Bowls

Tim Tebow
By Tim Tebow
ESPN Analyst, Heisman Trophy winner and NCAA national football champion
byAndrew Mark Miller Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow said that he would rather be known for saving babies than winning Super Bowls during an anti-abortion event. "It really does mean a lot more than winning the Super Bowl," he said to a crowd at a football-themed ...
August 10, 2018

'I Can Only Imagine' Team Inks First-Look Film & TV Deal With Lionsgate

Jon Erwin
By Jon Erwin
Director, Writer, Producer of October Baby and I Can Only Imagine
Lionsgatehas signed a first-look deal with writer-directors Andrew andJon Erwin and producing partnerKevin Downes, the team behind the latest faith-based box office successI Can Only Imagine. The pact will see the trio develop, produce and direct film and TV ...
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March 09, 2021
You Can Do Hard Things
By Jennie Allen
I told you guys that this season was going to be a little bit of me grabbing you by the shoulders and mama-bearing you a little bit. This is one of those weeks where I might sound a little mean. We're going to toughen ...
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March 04, 2021
A Totally Different Way to Date with JP Pokluda
By Jennie Allen
Chloe has had to hold me off from having JP on and us doing a little mini-series on dating because I feel like this is something that is so difficult these days. It feels like there needs to ...
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March 02, 2021
The Top 5 Things to Try this Week for a Better Marriage
By Jennie Allen
You are in for a treat today because we are talking about marriage! Marriage and parenting are the biggest topics that people want me to write about and talk about. The reason why is ...
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February 18, 2021
Christy Nockels
By Jennie Allen
I've actually been counting down the days until we could do this podcast because I was blessed to get to read this book early that Christy Nockels just released! I couldn't wait because I've watched her live this. It is so ...
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February 16, 2021
How to Talk to God
By Jennie Allen
Last week we talked about the Holy Spirit and this week we're talking about actually praying. What I want to talk about is the fact that we never talk about this, but most people say they pray and they actually don't. I ...
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February 09, 2021
This might be why you're stuck
By Jennie Allen
We're talking about why it feels like you're stuck and can't change, because you CAN and I'm going to tell you how! If there is one message I could give to the whole church, it is going to be what we are ...
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February 04, 2021
When 500 People Get Saved at a Rave with Luke LeFevre and Daniel MacLeod
By Jennie Allen
You guys are going to love my guests today! A lot of you already know them if you were a part of IF:2020. You are NOT going to want to miss IF:2021 - it's coming up ...
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February 02, 2021
Don't Overcomplicate Jesus
By Jennie Allen
The vision for this season is that everything is spinning and there's a lot of chaos. 2020 completely changed everything about us. We are completely different people than we were a year ago. When you're spinning, ...
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January 01, 2021
This Is The Year You Stop Your Anxious Thoughts
By Jennie Allen
It's been almost a year since I released Get Out Of Your Head, and God's timing still amazes me. During a year with so many losses and unknowns, we are at war with more anxious thoughts and ...
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December 10, 2020
The Other Side of Grief with Angie Smith
By Jennie Allen
Today we're talking to my friend Angie Smith about some stories I'm familiar with, but not everybody listening is. Can you take us back to Audrey's pregnancy and talk a little bit about your story ...

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