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Ryan Leak

Best-selling Author, Esteemed Executive Coach and Teacher

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Ryan Leak

Ryan Leak is the son of a preacher man from the Chicago land area. He currently serves on the teaching team at a few mega churches reaching 60,000 people monthly. He's one of the key influential voices on the Youversion Bible App. Through his coaching practice, he equips over 20,000 leaders every year inside the church and outside. Ryan grew up with a heart for ministry and a mind for business. He loves to bring his insight and experience working with some of the top leaders, corporations and sports team in the country to aid leaders in the faith space to maximize their impact.

Ryan Leak
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Current: How To Deal With Complicated People

Time 38:52

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How To Deal With Complicated People
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Ryan Leak
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Chasing Failure

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Chasing Failure is all about having a vision for a dream, a goal, a mission, and knowing that the road will be paved with failure, but still proceeding with conviction and passion. This is what sets those who succeed beyond measure, from those who simply exist. The fear of failure will keep you inside a box, stall innovation, and make sure you hesitate anytime you even think about taking a risk that could help you achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams. As leadership expert Ryan Leak shares, you don’t actually have to get over the fear. Just do it scared and take really good notes.

When you’re Chasing Failure, you’re either going to win or you’re going to learn. Hopefully, both will happen. Ryan shares the blueprint for success by giving you an approach to see what the predictable failures might be, so you can circumvent those more easily, or deal with them more effectively when they arise.

• How chasing failure will take you further than chasing success.
• A roadmap to the discipline needed to succeed through failure.
• Understanding how to become today who you intend to be tomorrow.


How to Work with Complicated People.

Ryan Leak
Featured Books

Chasing Failureby Ryan Leak

Chasing Failure

by Ryan Leak

Now available in trade paper! A USA TODAY Bestseller! Chasing Failure will help you remove every excuse for not pursuing the life you want to live, and that failure may just be the quickest way to success.

We all have something we'd love to do, but often our fear of failure outweighs the potential of our destiny. But what if we found out that failure could actually help us succeed?

In Chasing Failure, Ryan Leak shares the science behind why people are afraid to fail, mixing in real-life stories and adding practical steps to help us intentionally chase failure in order to embrace the opportunities that come with it. Everyone fails in life--but if you're willing to learn, improve, and grow because of your failures, you are already on the road to success.

As a motivational speaker, whether addressing people in corporations, churches, or youth events, Ryan has a message of hope: failure is right around the corner, so be brave enough to chase it! The good life is on the other side, and as he says, "God promises to be with you always, even through the failure."

Packed with wisdom, specific strategies, and a key takeaway included at the end of each chapter, Chasing Failure will help you:

  • Explore whether your dream idea is worth pursuing
  • Count the cost and create an action plan for your idea
  • Learn how to effectively deal with criticism
  • Understand how to embrace failure and learn how it can propel you

By blending personal stories, get-up-and-go encouragement, and practical step-by-step advice, Ryan Leak will show you how chasing failure could be the quickest way to success.

UnOffendable: No Offense. None Taken. by Ryan Leak

UnOffendable: No Offense. None Taken.

by Ryan Leak

Ryan Leak
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