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Danielle Strickland

Author, speaker, social justice advocate

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Danielle Strickland

Danielle lets LOVE lead her to inspire, challenge, provoke and disrupt the present, and to live the future now. Having lived in different cultures and contexts around the world she celebrates diversity and deeply longs for wrong things to be made right. Danielle practices following Jesus daily. This pursuit has led to exciting entrepreneurial exploits (like co-founding multiple charities and non-profits) and a whole host of failures (that we don't as often talk about). All of this has convinced her of the deep need we all have for hope, faith, and love. Her deepest longing is to demonstrate what living that boundless life looks like.

Danielle has written six books (the latest is The Other Side of Hope), she has a podcast called The Right Side Up (which recently celebrated half-a-million downloads), and speaks to people at events all over the world. Danielle leads Boundless Communications Inc. which launches creative exploits like Women Speakers Collective (liberating voices of women around the globe), IMBY (a tiny home movement IN MY BACKYARD), Brave Global (preventing human trafficking), Infinitum (a way of living deeply), and Hagar's Voice (support and advocacy for survivors of abuse). Danielle lives in Vancouver, Canada with her three sons and husband Steve. Danielle loves getting outside, doing new things, physical adeventures, and she can't seem to turn down a free lunch.

Danielle Strickland
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Just Be You
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Danielle Strickland
Featured Keynote Programs

A Boundless Life

How do we live out a faith that is rich and free, deep and wide? How does our personal faith journey become something that effects change in the world? Practicing a faith that keeps Je- sus at the center requires some shifts in our everyday lives. Using three foundational postures from the life of Jesus and the early disciples, Danielle gives transformational insights and need- ed correction for a truly love-based living that will align us to Kingdom values in our everyday life.

4 Steps To Freedom 

How to fight against oppression and live in freedom through Jesus. Everyone can feel the impact that oppression can leave on their daily life. An erosion of hope, a weariness of heart, a theology that's void of practice, and a giving up. What if we could fight against oppression and live out our freedom in everyday life?

A Sacred Vision

One of the first revelations of God was a way of re-framing absolutely everyone and everything with a sacred lense. What Jesus invites us to live is a life that follows His example. What does it look like to have a Kingdom vision? How does seeing things differently effect the way we live? A sacred vision has the potential to impact the way we feel, relate, interact and live.

The Kingdom in our Everyday Life

The invitation to follow Jesus means an awakening to the reality of the Kingdom in our everyday life. How do we manage to let go of the past, release the uncertainty of the future and embrace Jesus for right now? These are the questions that the scripture invites us to ask and answer in order to be completely available for the adventure of God’s kingdom come.

Danielle Strickland
Featured Books

The Other Side of Hopeby Danielle Strickland

The Other Side of Hope

by Danielle Strickland

Overcome the twin giants of cynicism and despair that threaten to derail your emotional and physical health and find hope for life by witnessing the power of God's redemptive healing.

Part guidebook and part storytelling, The Other Side of Hope is a uniquely designed flip-book with two entry points to the message of finding hope in a desperately harsh world.

One part of the book focuses on theory and biblical philosophy, including insights into

  • fighting cynicism, the architect of despair;
  • embracing true humility and love; and
  • shifting to a new mindset together as a community.

Flip the book over to the other part and read a collection of stories about people from around the world who overcame impossible situations, showing that nothing is impossible through Christ.

In this start-where-you-want flip-book, you not only learn what the Bible says about hope but also witness God's redemptive power at work in the lives of people in the real world.

Better Togetherby Danielle Strickland

Better Together

by Danielle Strickland

An impassioned plea and workable solution for women and men to imagine a better world, embrace their differences, find ways to end oppression, and learn how to work better together.

We are currently at a strategic cultural intersection with relationships between women and men eroding. And it seems no one knows what to do. While it is good for women to expose their pain, what often happens is that they immediately blame the person at the other end of it, which sets up a never-ending cycle of accusations, denial, avoidance, and ultimately devastation for everyone involved.

This moment of discovery should not signal the end but instead become an opportunity to create a different world where men and women are better together.

Better Together is a beacon of hope in a challenging storm. It's where thoughts can be rechanneled and hope rekindled as author Danielle Strickland offers steps toward a real and workable solution. Her premise is that two things are needed for change:

1) imagine a better world, and

2) understand oppression.

Understanding how oppression works is an important part of undoing it.

Danielle says, "I refuse to believe that all men are bad. I also refuse to believe that all women are victims. I don't want to be just hopeful, I want to be strategically hopeful. I want to work toward a better world with a shared view of the future that looks like equality, freedom, and flourishing."

The Zombie Gospel: The Walking Dead and What It Means to Be Humanby Danielle Strickland

The Zombie Gospel: The Walking Dead and What It Means to Be Human

by Danielle Strickland
What can zombies teach us about the gospel? The hit show The Walking Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by mindless zombies. The characters have one goal: survive at all costs. At first glance there doesn't seem to be much the show can teach us about God or ourselves. Or is there? Author and speaker Danielle Strickland didn't expect to be drawn to a show about zombies, but she was surprised by the spiritual themes the show considers. In The Zombie Gospel she explores the ways that The Walking Dead can help us think about survival, community, consumerism, social justice, and the resurrection life of Jesus. After all, in the gospel God raises up a new humanitya humanity resuscitated and reanimated by the new life of the Holy Spirit. Fans of the show will resonate with the book's exploration of spiritual themes, and can follow along with the episode discussion guide included within. And even if you haven't yet encountered The Walking Dead, you may be surprised to find another, greater story within the show's story.
The Ultimate Exodusby Danielle Strickland

The Ultimate Exodus

by Danielle Strickland
God didn't just say to Pharaoh, "Let my people go!" He also said to the Israelites--and He says to us--"Let go of what enslaves you, and follow me to freedom."

The Ultimate Exodus opens our eyes to the things that enslave us, and it sets us on the path of our own exodus. Danielle Strickland revisits the story of the Exodus to see what we can learn from a people who were slaves and who learned from God what it means to be free. We discover as we go that deliverance goes much deeper than our circumstances. God uproots us from the things we have become slaves to, and He takes us on a long walk to the freedom He created us to enjoy.
The Liberating Truthby Danielle Strickland

The Liberating Truth

by Danielle Strickland
In short chapters full of memorable personal stories Danielle Strickland challenges us to take seriously our reading of the Gospels and the consequences of that reading. Strickland exposes the lie that debates regarding women's positions in the church and in life are academic exercises conducted by theologians with no impact on the day-to-day lives of women and the lie that the debate is even about gender.

Strickland starts with stories of women in subjugation--women who are considered property, or have been told to remain in abusive relationships, or face extensive cultural restrictions.These are women she has met as she serves around the world for the Salvation Amy. She calls us to know each woman as she meets Jesus and by her spiritual gifts--not by a culturally defined category.

After tackling overt cases of oppression of women, Strickland confronts the subtleties of gender inequality in the Western world. Laying open the Bible and inviting all to come, she thoughtfully outlines the positions regarding gender equality and reviews related passages of Scripture. Using her gift as an evangelist along with the guiding of Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience, she makes her case that the more women are empowered to be true equals to men, the closer we bring the Kingdom of God.

Boundless: Living Life in Overflowby Danielle Strickland

Boundless: Living Life in Overflow

by Danielle Strickland
- What if there were ways to live that filled you, rather than depleting you? - What if there were an ocean of joy, freedom and wholeness within reach? - What if you could tap into an inexhaustible resource of power and love? - What would your life loo
A Beatiful Messby Danielle Strickland

A Beatiful Mess

by Danielle Strickland
This profound little book encourages us to set aside our limited expectations, and to fall in line with God's. Human beings like organization, structures, plans; God grows people. We ask for a budget; God offers us love. If you are aiming at relationship rather than performance, how do you measure effectiveness? How do you write a mission statement, yet allow God space to act out His plan rather than yours? What does Divine Order look like? Faith in God involves risk, and the possibility that God will do something entirely new. Starting with the seven days of creation, Danielle considers how God's world resembles A Beautiful Mess - vibrant, full of colour and pulsating with life, but not about propositions. The Christian life is organic, not prescribed. We were not created to work, but to be fruitful. We need to be willing to put ourselves in a position where only God can do what needs to be done, and to have the humility to let God show us what that is.

Danielle Strickland
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Danielle Strickland

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