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Harris III

Harris III (“the third”) is a top-rated speaker, award-winning illusionist and #1 bestselling author. As one of the most seasoned speakers in the world, he has performed and spoken live at over 2,000 events to more than 2 million people in all 50 states and more than 30 countries on 6 continents.

On the heels of over 20 years of experience as a creative entrepreneur, Harris is now the Founder of Istoria Collective and the Poetics Guild, creator of the storyOS™, host of a top 1% podcast in the world, and an in-demand coach and consultant to leaders of both small businesses and global brands.

He’s on a relentless mission to help leaders and entrepreneurs 10x their growth, so we can solve our current leadership crisis with wonder, curiosity and creativity. The objective is simple: So you can win, both in leadership and in life, and create a better future for yourself, your organization and our world.

Harris III
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Harris III
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Do you have special message you’re trying to get across to your students? Whether through a state-wide program, or a theme for your conference, Harris has a very unique ability to tie in any message with ease and creativity. After performing at almost 1,000 events, Harris has the professional experience necessary to use the art of illusion to create perfection illustrations that allow him to tie in your theme to a custom tailored presentation and talk.

Whether your focus is prevention, leadership, or motivating your students to believe in their potential to make positive choices and impact the world around them, Harris can help.

Harris III
Featured Book

The Wonder Switchby Harris III

The Wonder Switch

by Harris III

A powerful, generous and unforgettable book. - Seth Godin

A wondrous lens on healing ourselves and our world in this strangest and hardest of times. - Krista Tippett

We are all born with the wonder switch in the on position, but somewhere along the way, our wonder is crushed. And that's when we begin to live out of a self-limiting mindset that shuts down our sense of possibility and purpose.

Yet reclaiming your wonder--and with it, your life--is within reach. In The Wonder Switch, join world-renowned storyteller and professional illusionist Harris III in a journey to bring you back to the magic you fear you've lost--not the sleight of hand he performs across world stages, but real magic: love, hope, joy, belonging, meaning, and purpose.

One of wonder's greatest powers is that it changes the stories we tell ourselves, writes Harris. With the help of his power-packed Transformation Map, you'll gain the tools you need to switch from the old story that leaves you unfulfilled to the new story that will make you a healthier, happier, all-around better human being.

In this book, you'll discover:

  • The surprising science behind the stories we tell ourselves and how they shape our lives
  • Practices for righting your story from a broken narrative to a restored narrative
  • The secret to breaking out of a Limiting Mindset and developing a Wonder Mindset
  • Practices for moving from complacency to curiosity
  • Why worry is a misuse of your imagination, and how to kick the habit

Harris III
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