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Carlos Whittaker

Expert in inspiring personal and spiritual development that cultivates a unified community

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Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker is a best-selling author, expert storyteller, and impactful speaker to all kinds of audiences– from foster parents to pastors to non-profit leaders to conference-goers. No matter who you are, his message is for you.

Carlos uses his vast and varied personal life experience to captivate and engage audiences in ways that few else can. Whether your community is suffering from conflict, distraction, or disengagement, Carlos is sure to reinvigorate them with insight, humor, and biblical inspiration. 

With his person-oriented talks, How to Human, Moment Maker, and Kill the Spider, Carlos will remind your community that when we are connected to God and good to ourselves, we can be even better for others. Humans do not exist in a vacuum, so when we address every facet of our lives, we create a greater capacity for relationships, ministry, work, creativity, and patience. 

Carlos will encourage your community to become followers of Christ who show up for their neighbor, regardless of who they are and what they believe. Join Carlos and countless others in the pursuit of being human together.

He and his wife Heather live in Nashville, Tennessee, with their three amazing children, where you can find them working on the family farm, planning trips around the world, and dancing to Single Ladies (seriously, Google it). 

Carlos Whittaker
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Current: Carlos Whittaker: How to Human

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Carlos Whittaker: How to Human
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Carlos Whittaker
Featured Keynote Programs

How to Human

These feel like crazy times. We’re agitated, fighting, and wrestling with big issues. It can feel like we’re less connected than ever to one another and to God. It’s a perfect storm: debilitating anxiety, crashing relationships, and forgetting what it feels like to be human.

When it feels impossible to love our neighbor the way Christ commands, Carlos will help his audience shift from “me” to “we” to “everybody” in a three-part journey to be human, see fellow humans, and free those around us. 

Your community will walk away feeling inspired to help others, hope fiercely, and experience the thrill of being fully human. Carlos uses scripture to guide his audience toward a radical path of love– one that requires us to become builders rather than demolitionists. One that gets personal. One that moves toward others in faith rather than away in fear.

Moment Maker

Life is made of moments. What are you doing to make the most of them? In Moment Maker, Carlos Whittaker teaches you how to make each moment count, so those moments add up to a deeply satisfying life that is rich with meaning and full of purpose.

Carlos shares powerful stories and examples from ordinary life and scripture that have formed his practical and meaningful game plan for living on purpose and with purpose. In this talk, he will guide you to:

* Increase awareness of your surroundings, the people you encounter, and the needs of others
* Recognize opportunities presented by the Holy Spirit and be encouraged to seize them
* Discover how to partner with God to create, receive, and rescue key moments in everyday life
* Unlock the satisfaction of living the abundant life Christ promises

All around you there are opportunities to meet a need, shift your focus, and begin healing. It is time to become a Moment Maker.

Kill the Spider

Many of us work hard to be a “better person.” We strive to live for Christ, only to get caught in a web of bad choices and destructive thought patterns.

In Kill the Spider, Carlos shares his journey of knocking out the deep rooted issues that were hurting his relationship with others and with God. Through humor and vulnerability, Carlos will help his audience do the same and walk away with the questions and resources they need to:

* Identify the hidden spiders that haunt them–the real causes behind worry, shame, or the struggle to receive God’s love
* Clean up the cobwebs of unhealthy coping mechanisms
* Kill the spider for good by trading lies for truth

When we replace false beliefs with God’s life-giving truths, we will discover a freedom like we’ve never known before. 

Enter Wild

Is it possible to break free from a safe, boring faith and truly live the abundant life Jesus promises? YES! You are meant to receive the abundance God promises here and now. You are not meant to wait until heaven to experience His best. 

Even in the midst of our world’s traumas and trials, Carlos will help your community 
* learn how to lower the volume of life and truly hear God 
* experience what it means to speak God’s word over your life for real victory
* discover how to pray His promises instead of praying over the problems 

With his trademark blend of humor and transparency, Carlos will share his personal struggle in coping with crippling anxiety—and how rediscovering a wild faith was the key to his freedom. That key can be yours, helping you open the door to leave mild and enter wild. 

Carlos Whittaker
Featured Books

How to Humanby Carlos Whittaker

How to Human

by Carlos Whittaker

A much-needed reminder about what it means to be truly human in a world where people feel increasingly disconnected from each other and from God, by the popular author of Enter Wild.

It sometimes feels like we’re all holding our breath—just waiting for the next outrage, tragedy, or stressor to knock us back again. Yes, a global pandemic forced us to be more physically isolated from one another. But beyond that, the connected disconnection of video meetings, masks, politicized hyper-awareness, tech addiction, content overload, and social unrest have all felt like a perfect storm eroding our relationships and even our ability to be human.
In How to Human, author and social media personality Carlos Whitaker leads us on a three-part journey, to "be," "see," and "free," that we can pursue in order to all live together as the best versions of ourselves. This fresh vision to reclaim our love and joy leads us to a collective breath of air as we exchange division for real relationship. We can live up to our full potential. We can learn to trust and care for one another. We can see the humanity in those different from ourselves. We can navigate hard times with grit, kindness, and a good joke or two. In this book Carlos shows us how to move from me to we to everybody. Isn’t it time we embrace the life-changing, hope-filled promise of being fully human?

Moment Makerby Carlos Whittaker

Moment Maker

by Carlos Whittaker

How to Make Every Moment of Every Day Count

Every moment of every day, you have a choice to make. You can either let the minutes pass you by or you can claim them for what they are: opportunities to unlock the full depth of life's potential.

For Carlos Whittaker, renowned blogger, musician and worship leader, and husband and dad, living deliberately is a way of life. Making moments that are significant, memorable, or impactful are a part of how he navigates each day, and it has forever changed the landscape of his story.

In Moment Maker, Carlos explains his methodology for living intentionally and claiming moments that touch the lives of others, whether that be his family, his friends, his colleagues, or total strangers.

Carlos isn't asking anyone to make a big investment in time, energy, or money. He is simply uncovering the investment of attention. You don't have to buy tickets to special events or orchestrate elaborate surprises. You just have to be aware--of your surroundings, the people you encounter, the things that interest those important to you, the opportunities that present themselves--and be prepared to seize those moments and see lives changed.

Enter Wildby Carlos Whittaker

Enter Wild

by Carlos Whittaker

“Step into a life gripped by a God who calls you into more—more faith, more freedom, and more victory.”—Levi Lusko, pastor and bestselling author

You are meant to receive the abundance God promises here and now. You are not meant to wait until heaven to experience His best. Even in the midst of our broken world’s traumas and trials, you can 

• learn to lower the volume of life and truly hear God
• experience what it means to speak God’s Word over yourself for real victory
• discover how to pray His promises instead of praying over the problems
With his trademark blend of humor and transparency, gifted storyteller Carlos Whittaker shares his personal struggle in coping with crippling anxiety—and how the key to his freedom was rediscovering a wild faith. That key can be yours, helping you open the door to leave mild and enter wild.

Kill the Spiderby Carlos Whittaker

Kill the Spider

by Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker equips you with the practical steps you need to destroy the roots of your deep-seated habits so you can embrace true freedom in Christ. Because you can't just clear away the cobwebs; you need to find the spider--the source of the issue--and take it out.

Are you tired of trying to live for Christ--only to fail time and time again with the same old behaviors? Do you pray for guidance, ask for deliverance, and vow to do better, yet fail to progress?

As an author, speaker, podcaster, and communicator for our time, Carlos has lived much of his spiritual life in the spotlight. But, like any Christian, his faith story has its ups and downs. He spent decades trying to figure out how to be a better person. Time and time again, he strived for holiness only to get caught in the web of destructive habits, behaviors, and thought patterns. But the buck stops here. Or, rather, the spider is killed here.

In Kill the Spider, Carlos shares personal material ranging from hilarious, self-deprecating stories to passion-filled wisdom--to show others it's not enough to try to stop sinning. He teaches that knocking out deep-rooted habits and issues comes by treating the issue, not just the symptoms.

Carlos offers a breath of fresh air to any believer looking to finally step into the freedom in Christ. So, sit down. Open the book. And grab a shoe. We're going on a spider hunt.

Carlos Whittaker
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