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Ken Bevel

Actor in "Courageous" and Associate Pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church

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Albany, GA, US
About Ken Bevel

Ken Bevel is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and has been a member of Sherwood Baptist Church since February 2007.

After 20 years of active service in the United States Marine Corps, including tours of duty in Irag and Afghanistan, Ken retired to serve in the ministry. Associate Pastor of Assimilation and Events" at Sherwood Baptist Church.

In addition to his daily responsibilities, Ken may be recognized by his role as Lieutenant Michael Simmons in the 2008 inspirational movie ...

Ken was incredible! He was personable and kept everyone's attention from the beginning to the end. After the event ended, he was extremely gracious, staying well past his scheduled time to take photos and speak personally with all guests.

Rick Reed - The Vine

Ken Bevel came last night to talk to the Carver team. He was incredible. I had no idea what his "story" was--but he shared it and he captivated them. It was remarkable. There is no "story" better than his for this group of young men to have heard.

Richard Illges - LiveUP - Christ Community Church
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