Toni Collier | Popular Women’s Ministry & Student Speaker & Host of IF Gathering & Chick-Fil-A’s Operator Conference.

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Toni Collier

Popular Women’s Ministry & Student Speaker & Host of IF Gathering & Chick-Fil-A’s Operator Conference.

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Toni Collier

Toni Collier is the founder of an international women’s organization called Broken Crayons Still Color and helps women process through brokenness and get to healing and hope. Toni is a speaker, host of the Still Coloring podcast, and author of two books: Brave Enough to be Broken and her latest release, a children's book, Broken Crayons Still Color. Toni has had the opportunity to proudly stand on stages for North Point Community Church, Chick-fil-A, IF:Gathering, Orange Conference, There4 Teen Gathering, and MomCon, and she is a regular guest on the women’s TV program “Better Together.”

Toni kills illusions. She confronts the hard things. She believes the best way to meet life’s challenges is head-on. And, in this digital age of anxiety, Toni is teaching people all over the globe that you can be broken and still worthy, or feel unqualified and still be called to do great things. Toni wants to help you find a way through the brokenness in your life so that you can live the most colorful life possible.

Toni Collier
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Hosting Reel
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A Season to Heal
Time 00:50
Accepting Hurt & Hope
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Christian Unified Schools of San Diego
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Toni Collier
Featured Keynote Programs

Hope & Healing

Teaching on how to have hope while going through the excruciating process of healing from past wounds and painful experiences.

Healthy Leadership

Teaching on becoming aware of how we leak on our teams and communities in unhealthy ways and how to lead from a vulnerable place in healthy ways.

Creating Bravery

Teaching on the secret to living a brave life through the lens of our brokenness. Audiences will leave more aware of their weaknesses with the bravery to stop hiding them.

Biblical Surrender

Teaching on the difference between striving for success through perfection, and exposing the real key to success; surrender.

Toni Collier
Featured Books

Brave Enough to Be Broken: How to Embrace Your Pain and Discover Hope and Healingby Toni Collier

Brave Enough to Be Broken: How to Embrace Your Pain and Discover Hope and Healing

by Toni Collier

None of us are perfect. And that is okay!  

Trauma, abuse, childhood wounds, and toxic relationships have broken us. But there is no shame in brokenness. In fact, it’s in our brokenness where the healing power of Jesus comes to find us.  

Brave Enough to Be Broken is a biblical road map you can use to heal from the pain, the shame, and the regrets that have tried to steal your joy, so you can rest in the unconditional love, healing, and hope of Jesus. 

From Toni Collier, founder of the international women's ministry Broken Crayons Still Color, Brave Enough to Be Broken will show you how to bravely process your brokenness so that you can experience the fullness of God's restoration power.  

Many of us feel the pressure to be perfect, but what we really want is the freedom to be broken. We long to hear that our brokenness doesn't discount us, and we want a way out of the pain that threatens to overwhelm us.    

Toni shares practical steps and biblical wisdom to help you stand in your brokenness and experience healing. No perfection required.  

You’ll learn how to 

  • Overcome shame and other inner obstacles blocking you from healing 
  • Recognize the harmful effects of trauma and toxic relationships on your mental health 
  • Embrace your brokenness so you can help others do the same 
  • Hear the voice of Jesus saying “you ARE worthy” when you don’t feel it 
  • Accept the unconditional love of Jesus when you surrender your brokenness 

Brave Enough to Be Broken will guide you to the hope that is found in pain and the beauty that exists in brokenness. It's an invitation to reclaim the wholeness and freedom waiting for you in the fullness of God's purpose for your life. 

Overcomer: Defeating Anxiety & Abuseby Toni Collier

Overcomer: Defeating Anxiety & Abuse

by Toni Collier
Broken Crayons Still Colorby Toni Collier

Broken Crayons Still Color

by Toni Collier

Toni Collier
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Toni Collier

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