Carlos Gil

Carlos Gil, Hispanic, Multilingual, Social Media, Generational Issues Carlos Gil, Hispanic, Multilingual, Social Media, Generational Issues

Carlos Gil Speech Topics

The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI
Social networks are the new norm, and traditional marketing is failing in today's digital, always-on culture. Businesses across the world have to face up to how they remain relevant in the choppy waters of the digital ocean. In an era where a YouTube star gets more daily impressions than Nike,...
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How To Hack Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes
Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have sparked concern for brand and Facebook page managers-many of whom fear that their organic reach will plummet thanks to a new prioritization of interactions with family and friends. While marketers today blame their woes including depressed organic reach...
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What Marketers Can Learn About Social Media from DJ Khaled And Drake
Between DJ Khaled, Kylie Jenner, and Jake Paul, today’s most prominent brands on social media are not Walmart or Nike but instead people also known as “creators.” As traditional brands continue to experience depressed organic reach and plummeting engagement, marketers are scrambling for answers...
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Social Media for Real Estate Agents
To succeed as a realtor, you need to stand out. With a solid understanding of social media in your tool kit, you can craft a winning personal brand that helps you generate more leads and, ultimately, sell more homes. In this course, learn the tried-and-true methods for using Facebook, LinkedIn,...
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Advanced Strategies for Turning Employees to Brand Advocates
Social media is not a turnkey solution for solving your organization's marketing woes. As algorithms evolve and platforms become saturated, it’s harder than ever to rise above the digital noise. If your organization has hit a brick wall and is seeing a decline in organic reach and overall...
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Marketing Communications Boot Camp: Creating A Playbook For Engaging Employee’s on Social Media
Beware of the shiny objects—the latest and greatest technology toys that are “guaranteed” to excite employees into a frenzy. It’s a trap—because the internal communications landscape is littered with cutting-edge and hot tech tools that didn’t work. The reason: There was never a plan for using...
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Building a Proactive vs. Reactive Community Management Strategy
Social media is a powerful 24/7 engine where your customers, leads and competitors’ customers are always engaging with content. Are you doing enough to truly connect with these individuals, especially on nights and weekends when customers tune-in but brands tend to tune out? Whether you’re...
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Strategies for Creating Social Media Graphics
Today’s digital-savvy consumer does not want to be sold; they want to be engaged which is why what you post (i.e., a video, photo, or text) should be the focal point of your social media strategy versus how many times per day, where, or when. While digital attention spans are incredibly low,...
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