Caitlin Brodnick | Women's Health Advocate and Star of Emmy Award Winning Docu-Series "Screw You Cancer"

Caitlin Brodnick

Women's Health Advocate and Star of Emmy Award Winning Docu-Series "Screw You Cancer"

Caitlin Brodnick

Comedian and health advocate Caitlin Brodnick has a lot to say. Mostly about breast cancer prevention -- always with a punchline.
Caitlin is sharing her experience, hope, and humor with audiences all around the world. (Try to stop her.)

At 25, Caitlin Brodnick tested positive for the genetic mutation BRCA and had a life changing decision to make. Would she continue to live in fear, or make a radical decision most people might not understand? By 28, Caitlin marched forward with her plans to have a preventative double mastectomy, and significantly lower her breast cancer risk.

She shared the process with the world in the critically acclaimed documentary Screw You Cancer with Glamour Magazine. This went on to win a National Magazine Award for Best Video awarded a prestigious Television Academy Honor (Emmy) in 2013 for using the power of television and video media to bring awareness to important social issues.

Since then, Caitlin has gone around the country and around the world sharing her story, helping others with their decisions, and empowering women to be proactive about their health. But she is no ordinary speaker. Caitlin earned her BFA in drama from Syracuse University before studying at New York City's renowned Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where she is now a regular sketch and improv performer. She has done standup and storytelling in some of New York City's top clubs and theaters, using those platforms to make women's health approachable and - gasp - even funny.

In her role as health advocate, Caitlin has been invited to speak at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, Tulane University, Weill Cornell Medical College, BRCA Umbrella in England, Organization Bracha in Israel, Flushing High School, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, and at the national conference of FORCE, one the premier hereditary breast cancer organizations.

She has written for Huffington Post,,, and She is a MOTH StorySlam winner and was featured on their podcast (which was later quoted on the Onion's AV Club).

Caitlin is also a sober living advocate and volunteers with various organizations around the city to help support others working through their addictions. Caitlin lives in New York City with her husband and bossy dog.

Laughs, inspiration, and love are mixed into Caitlin's first book Dangerous Boobies, due out October 2017 from Seal Press.

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Breast Cancer Genetic Mutation- BRCA

Caitlin discusses her experience with BRCA testing and how it changed her life forever. The BRCA Genetic Mutation effects many women and screening is becoming more and more popular, and with it comes more questions. Caitlin is there to provide real-life answers and a positive look at the future of breast cancer prevention.

To Thine Own Self Be Fabulous!

Caitlin speaks about her health and cancer prevention journey and encourages you to be brave and fabulous and put your health first!

Being The Breast You Can Be

My journey to save my life and better myself with a preventative mastectomy Caitlin shares how preventing breast cancer gave her a new life.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Monster under Your Bra

How to attack cancer fears with confidence. Caitlin discusses how simple actions can save your life and how easy it can be to put your health first.

Caitlin Brodnick
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Caitlin Brodnick

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