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Connective Learning: An Introduction to Google Tools in Education
Learn how to tap Google’s free online toolset and knock down the walls of your classroom, engage students and make connections in new and exciting ways. During this pre-conference session you will build robust learning solutions that you can immediately apply in your classroom. Develop a custom...
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Ethics and Safety
Internet Safety is an essential part of working with children and the Web, and yet many of us know very little about it. In this session you will learn many myths and conflicting messages we hear about online safety. You will also discuss the issues involved with building a code of ethics for...
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Mapping Your Curriculum with Google Maps
In today's globally connected society, geography is more important thn ever. Google Maps is a free tool that is easy enough to use with all ages. Even elementary grade students can dive in. You will learn to build a tour within Google Maps - complete with descriptions, links and images. Great for...
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Tools of Engagement
Today, the Internet offers us a wide variety of tools that can be used to enhance your current curriculum. From mapping software and communication tools to wikis and online photo management, your students can find ways of learning and presenting new information in fun and motivating ways. It may...
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Finding Meaning in the Masses: Maximizing Your Professional Learning Community
Have you been on Twitter for a while? Do you feel like something is missing? There's a good chance that you are not maximizing your experience. Signing up for and learning the basics of using social tools are generally pretty easy. But to really gain value, you need to understand the more...
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