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How To Capture the Heart of Your Customers

Bodine Balasco

Bodine Balasco has established himself as one of the America's most innovative and knowledgeable business speakers, known for his interactive style, uplifting energy, humorous storytelling, and valuable content. Many of his Fortune 500 clients have called him "the most effective and exciting speaker we've ever hired for any of our meetings."

He is academically trained in public speaking & human behavior, with degrees from UCLA in Speech Communications & Social Psychology. While attending UCLA as a scholarship track athlete, Bodine also earned honors as team captain and stadium record-holder. Currently Bodine lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife & business partner, Sandi. (And their two cats.)

Bodine's path has been that of a researcher and passionate communicator who loves sharing wisdom and strategies that help people and work teams create desired strategic results.

His academic training, multifaceted background, and years of research have given him an extraordinary knowledge of human behavior and strategies for business success.

Members of the Institute of Management Consultants were so impressed with Bodine's valuable content and humorous, entertaining delivery they gave him a 10+ rating on their 5-point scale!

There's always a perfect spot on your agenda for one of Bodine's unforgettable presentations.

Bodine Balasco
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Creating a Culture of Customer Focus.

To gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, we must drive our behavior with a broader definition of service excellence. We must raise our sights and focus on creating customer loyalty. Bodine will help your team realize this is not inspirational, it’s operational.

Your business success depends on the two primary benefits obtained from creating loyal customers… customer RETENTION and business REFERRALS.

Our values drive our behavior, and there’s also new “best practice” to utilize. Based on what you think is most valuable & relevant for your attendees (from a “content menu” Bodine will provide), in this presentation Bodine can share:

• Four core values and five core behaviors for creating customer loyalty.
• Three Primary Principles for Creating Customer Loyalty.
• The best “employee engagement strategy” for getting everyone productively involved in creating loyal customers.

This presentation will influence your attendees to move beyond their current thinking and behavior, to leave their old thinking behind, to create both standard & innovative value for
their customers. 

There's also a new physiological understanding Bodine humorously shares with his audiences about the vital importance of making "people-first" connections with their customers. 

This information is critical to your company’s success. Bodine communicates this important information with a humorous and entertaining showmanship that makes it unforgettable, and makes learning exciting and very enjoyable… and yes, even fun!

Most importantly, managers report positive behavioral change in their staff members -- and a renewed focus on their customers -- after they experience this presentation with Bodine.


Bodine has a passionate & developed understanding of the "human side of enterprise."  From the beginning of his speaking career Bodine has been helping leaders & managers understand where "engagement" really comes from, and how to create work environments that stimulate employees to become more involved and committed. 

In this presentation Bodine playfully shares research from the most authentic "Top-10 List of What Employees Want from Work,” from a study by the Public Agenda Foundation. This awareness is more important than ever because we now know, your customers are going to feel the way your employees feel.

From the awareness provided by this “Top-10 List,” you'll learn the three most important things you can start doing, that will authentically boost morale and increase employee engagement. 

This thought-provoking presentation will change the way you think about leadership, and help you update your leadership behavior. And Bodine’s humorous & meaningful perspective on “people skills” and “people wisdom,” will add energy, wisdom, and laughter to your important meeting.


Using Change to Your Advantage: Developing Mental & Behavioral Adaptability. A 4-part Mindset for developing advanced creativity & flexibility.


Shaping Your Mind and Your Behavior for New Results. How to break through to the next level of your success.

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