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October 09, 2017
Stability Before Mobility
By Shar McBee
If you ask for something before you have established relations, you will not get it. If you are unbalanced, others will not cooperate. If you are agitated, others will not follow you. To be a good leader: Be solid ...
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October 08, 2017
The 4 Must-Have Ingredients of a Winning Speech
By Josh Linkner
Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired a generation with his powerful "I have a dream" address. JFK, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton reached the highest office in the land, in part by delivering ...
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October 05, 2017
Every day a witch is burned in Washington: Here are four steps to avoid being that witch
By Lisa Guillermin Gable
"Every day a witch is burned in Washington and you donotwant to be the witch."; Democrat power lawyer Bob Barnett gave me that sage piece of ...
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October 03, 2017
Why I Stand
By Burgess Owens
Ex-NFL star Burgess Owens: The flag and why I stand Burgess Owens on NFL ratings and national anthem protests Former NFL player shares his thoughts with 'Fox & Friends' As we enter a second season of protest of our ...
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October 03, 2017
Michael Bonner New Book Release Get Up or Give Up!
By Michael Bonner
Michael Bonner knew he wanted to be a teacher after his favorite college professor, Dr. Poulson, inspired him. The professor's passion and love for teaching prompted Michael to change ...
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October 03, 2017
How Playing Games Can Lead To Serious Results In Business
By Ian Altman
If you want your employees to learn new skills and develop innovative ways of thinking, playing games might be the most effective thing you can do.
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October 01, 2017
The Chief Startup Officer
By Josh Linkner
Organizations are generally led by a predictable C-suite of traditional roles with traditional responsibilities. The Chief Executive Officer reads reports from her Chief Financial Officer about the work of the ...
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September 30, 2017
3 Ways To Grab People's Attention And Leave A Lasting Impression
By Ian Altman
Influential leaders know how to capture people's attentions and leave lasting impressions. Turns out, the skills influencers use to persuade aren't inherent; they can be ...
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September 27, 2017
Watch out for dangling participles
By Maria Murnane
If there is one grammar term that I never understood until recently, it was "dangling participle."; Now that I finally know what it means, I thought I'd explain it here. Aparticipleis a form of a verb. ...
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September 26, 2017
3 Ways To Grow Your Sales Without Discounting Your Prices
By Ian Altman
Vendors who sell based on value instead of lowest price will always have demand for their products and services. Here's how to sell customers on value, not price.

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