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How Dyson's New Hair Blower is Blowing Up the Market

By Josh Linkner
Your arm cramps as you hold your hot, loud hairdryer that blasts your mop top to a frizzy dryness. Same routine, just another day. The hair dryer has been pretty much the same for decades. You really don't care which brand you use, as these commodities are all nearly identical. Enter James Dyson, the grandmaster of hot air. Dyson first invented a powerful, quiet and reliable vacuum cleaner that changed the industry. Next, he reimagined wall-mounted hand dryers in commercial bathrooms ...
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A Dose of Healthcare Reality: Real-life, Patient Safety Experience Makes It Personal

By Tom Mitchell
Having a simple shoulder labrum repair should be a standard procedure. It's very much a repeatable practice, performed thousands of times a day across the US. While that surgery is pretty simple, it became a complex and nearly critical journey for my 19-year-old son. While the procedure went well, things started to go downhill about 24 hours after the surgery when he had a preventable adverse medical event related to a wrong dosage of pain medicine ...
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3 Surprising Keys Millennial Leaders Need For Success

By Ian Altman
Emerging young leaders can embrace these concepts that empower advancement at an even faster pace than prior generations.
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By Dan Waldschmidt
Ever felt like you aredoing everything you should be doing, but it's still not working? That might be what you feel right now. It'ssomething you've definitely felt before. All those online training courses you purchased from the internet guru whopromised that you would turn your life around by copying the path that hetookdon't seem to be working as well as you saw them advertised when you purchase them. Success is complex. How about that seminar you went to? At the time, it seemed like you had it ...
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Maria Shriver's Architects of Change

By Caitlin Crosby
Caitlin Crosby was touring the U.S. as a musician when an old hotel key inspired her to change the world. Caitlin founded the jewelry lineThe Giving Keys, a "pay it forward company"; thatemploys those transitioning out of homeless and makes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and keychains out of repurposed keys.Each Giving Key is engraved with an inspiring word, and when the wearer encounters someone in need of that message, he or she is encouraged to give it away. <iframe width="640" height="360" ...
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Winning on Shark Tank: Nine Strategies for Selling Your Bright Ideas

By Robert Tucker
Later this week at a resort hotel in Huntington Beach, California, a group of managers froma $2 billion program and construction management company will host aShark Tankcontest to conclude their two day conference. The winning team will receive funding to move forward with their concept, plaques, and heaps of praise from peers andthe company's CEO. Such "idea bake-offs are part of a growing trend. In my travels of late, a surprising number of client companies are ...
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You CAN write a book!

By Maria Murnane
This morning I received an email that made me smile…or maybe even grin. It was from an aspiring author named Becca. In particular, I loved this part of her message: "Reading through your blog has been very educational and exciting for me. I love all your knowledge, advice, and mostly your encouragement to not give up when it gets hard. I don't expect that starting into this will be easy; however, I think it will be so fun to try! My husband and my kids are all very much on board and supportive."; Go Becca! I love ...
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There's Nothing We Can Do

By Josh Linkner
Lousy weather left the plane full of passengers stranded on a cold runway. Air Canada had to reroute the flight for safety, leaving passengers frustrated, late, and uncomfortable. As the plane languished on an open runway, passengers became restless and hungry. The peanuts were gone and airline catering was closed. When demands for food intensified, a flight attendant apologized that there was simply "nothing we can do." As disappointment grew into outrage, angry passengers began tweeting that Air Canada said ...
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How To Spot An Irreplaceable Employee

By Ian Altman
Technical skills and expertise are valuable, but these attributes define which employees are seen as the favorite employees of all time.
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Six Innovation Leadership Skills Everybody Needs To Master

By Robert Tucker
You don't need a crystal ball to see that the world of work is changing. According to an importantnew study from McKinsey Global Institute, almost half the jobs people currently perform have the potential to be automated by currently existing technology. It sort of makes you wonder: what kind of work will be left for humans to do? The answer: innovation. Clearly, to thrive in this new world of work will require different skill-sets, mindsets, and tool-sets. Chief among them: ...

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