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Angela Maiers

  • Founder of Choose2Matter Movement
  • Author of "Genius Matters" & "The Habitudes"
  • Futurist and Innovation Expert

Angela Maiers is considered one of today's most influential thought leaders in education and transformative thinking. It is fair to say when she speaks, she leaves no room unchanged.

She has been praised by leaders in business, the military, and administrators of schools of every level from elementary to graduate, around the globe for the life-changing, world-changing impact she has ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Speaking Reel
Fusion Conference
The Power of You Matter
The Power of Heartshare to Marketing Leaders
ISQ Masterclass Brisbane, Australia
STEM Learning and the Focus on Student Learning
Speech Topics
  • Mattering is the Agenda

    When we think of people who made the biggest impact in our live, it was not their expertise or accomplishments that ... View More

  • How Big Is Your Brave?

    There is no doubt bravery is needed to lead and succeed. For centuries bravery has been a crucible of leadership and ... View More

  • Liberating Genius

    Liberating Genius is not an inspirational or Utopian hope for our students; nor is it a quick-fix program to building ... View More

  • Closing the Passion Gap

    Passion matters. Passion makes us curious, compels us to dig deeper, and sustains us as we persevere towards answers ... View More

Text Reviews
  • There is a reason that Angela Maiers is recognized as one of today's most influential education thought leaders: her work resonates with teachers, school leaders, students and parents alike. At this year's Microsoft Education Empowered E 2 Conference, Maiers delivered the closing keynote, How Big is Your Brave? To say that Maiers blew the crowd away would be an understatement.
  • Anthony Salcito, VP Education - Microsoft Corporation
  • Wow. She was awesome to hear speak. Really authentic. She's exactly what we need. I love that she came to our HR community to show us know we can be instrumental in making people believe that they matter to our organization. We need this. Her message is simple but very powerful.
  • Lilitia Bailey, Chief Human Resources Officer - Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • We are living through a period of rapid change and many feel growing insecurity as a result. Angela Maiers' work through Choose2Matter is important and highly effective in ensuring children do not feel insignificant within that insecurity. Her empowerment of children gives us hope for a powerful future.
  • Lord Jim Knight, CEO of TES - Member of the British Parliament

Angela's Blog

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3 Reasons Why Mattering Is the...
Reason #1:CHANGE A HEART. CHANGE A MIND. CHANGE A WORLD. WHY MAKE MATTERING THE AGENDA in your workplace, school, and local ...

Technology Does Not Change Lives;...
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The GENIUS of Genius Hour
I have always believed that we are in the presence of genius everyday. Whether you are a teacher in a classroom of 30 passionat...

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